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welcome back to CyberRays. It's of course I'm your instructor. Rad roads.
Let's go ahead and review module one.
So in this video, we're gonna review the module on then we're gonna look specifically at the C I S S P s up. Domain waits as they relate to the exam so that you kind of get a feel for that's not really level of importance related to the domains, but the areas that you might want to focus on if you feel that your week in a certain area
So what do we cover in this module? Pretty straightforward. We reviewed our overview the course
We looked at the eight C. S S P domains in a little bit of depth, but as a reminder for the sip concentration exam, you're definitely gonna want to go back through those and know them. I won't say not necessarily as well as you know him for C s SP. But from a context perspective, you need to have a pretty good handle on those domains.
We looked at the five Isett domains the foundations risk management, planning and design implementation, and then ops s. So those are sort of the the one. The one word
monikers for those ones. But those are the five domains we looked at. UC rolls. What could you? What kind of job could you hold once you've achieved the sip concentration as related to your CSS P? We then looked it also a specific job listening to give you a feel for what kind of experience that employers are looking for in that area.
if you are taking this course to prepare for the ESOP exam, here are the weight of things you need to understand.
So for domain one ah, foundations, that's 25% or well. It could be 25%. Risk management is 14%
planning and design is 30%. That's a pretty important one toe to pay attention to V and V verification validation that's 14%
and then secure ops and then change management. And ultimately, disposal of systems is 17%. So that gives you a feel here. And so I will note that when we designed this course, we didn't necessarily do this. Based on the weights, we are built the Sai Buri. It's of course, to help you get
the maximum knowledge about Aesop's,
a Z, You go through this to help you be successful, whether you take the exam or not. But these if you're if you are wondering and needed to know as you're preparing for the exam areas, you need to study and focus on these are the C I S S P iss IP domain weights.
So in this lesson, we covered the module summary and we talked about the C s SP Isett domain waits as they relate to the concentration exam.
that's the overview. I hope you're ready to dive deep because we're about to start module to which is domain one are foundational module for S A
We'll see you next time.
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