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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course in this video. We're gonna go over some very fundamental OT concepts, so we'll be talking about some of the terminology in this particular video. So we'll talk about what is ot what does I C s? What is skate A What is D. C s?
We'll also talk about what our PLC s and also what is h m I.
So what does ot? Well, it's operational technology. What does that actually mean?
This is basically technology that monitors and controls things like physical processes, right or devices or when we talk about our infrastructure. So this could be hardware and software that
does the monitoring and controlling of these processes.
So this involves monitoring that critical infrastructure. So it could be things like controlling a robot that's on the manufacturing floor. So, as depicted here, some robotic arm that's doing some procedure on the assembly line and it's used in multiple industries. So things like oil and gas industry electrical. You saw the power grid
water, the water systems, right? Things like dams,
Uh, things like aviation, maritime, the rail infrastructure, rights of trains. So just all sorts of ways that OT Technology is used in our critical infrastructure, and that's across the world, not just here in the US so we've got I CS or industrial control systems. Next,
this is just a term that encompasses several types of control systems. So it includes things like Skidata
as well as DCs, and we'll talk about in just a little bit.
So it consists of
combinations of control components. So things like electrical mechanical, hydraulics and all these work together to achieve some kind of an industrial objective, right? So things something like manufacturing a car or manufacturing a certain product,
we've got our D. C s next or distributed control system. Um, this is basically the control achieved by intelligence eso that's distributed as the name implies about the process to be controlled. So you see this with, like, larger scale types of system. So, um, instead of it being controlled by like a single
central unit, for example, it's scaled across the board
Eso. This is used to automate thousands of input output points in larger facilities, so facilities like your oil and gas refineries or chemical plants.
We've got scared the next, which is supervisory control and data acquisition is what that stands for. Basically, this is ah, name for, ah, system that's capable of gathering and processing data and then applying operational controls over long distances. So it really refers to a grouping of many I CS types in a wider geographic area. So
think through things like gas pipelines, water utilities,
um, power transmission and distribution distribution systems as well.
We've got our PLC's next, our programming programmable logic controller. So this is often called the workhorse of the industrial automation space, right or the brain? The micro controller is the brain of the PLC, and so that's where the firmware on the set points exists. So set points, if you don't know, are just variables that are configured for use by the running program.
These could be manually or dynamically changed by the state of the process itself.
And then finally, we have our h m i R human machine interface. Uh, this one provides that graphical depiction of all the automation control points for a process. Um, this is beneficial to Attackers, because if they're interacting with the h M, I threw something like remote desktop. They can see everything
that's connected right? They could get a good depiction of what's actually connected and what they can attack.
And this would be considered quote unquote, a noisy type of attack by an attacker to connect to the h M I. However,
they can do this connection because a lot of times they authorized operators accessing these remotely so they can blend in essentially with the quote unquote good traffic. Just because they're connecting to the h m. I just like a regular authorized person would.
So just a quick quiz question here. This is used to describe the hardware and software that monitors and controls physical processes.
What term is that? It's not gonna be DCs skate a r o t.
All right, So if you guessed ot you are correct again, operational technology is basically a term used to describe that hardware and software that monitors and controls those physical processes. So in this video, we just went over some of the terminology that you need to know for O. T. So we talked about what ot is. We also talked about I csk tha d c s a swell as p. L. C s
and H m ice
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