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1 hour 56 minutes
Video Transcription
hi, everyone. In the last video we touched on operations security and open source intelligence. And in this one I would like to increase your level of awareness concerning Goes in with a show off. Two interesting examples. Allow me to share something I noticed people are doing on social networks all around.
And since I like Lincoln, I've seen it there also on numerous occasions.
At this moment we're facing this terrible cove in 19 situation. The whole world is involved.
Because of that. The number of people who started working from home increased exponentially in a very short period of time. And for some reason, people are posting pictures off their home offices, sharing with the rest of the world how they're working from the comfort of their homes,
being efficient than putting pictures of other people's home offices because they post screenshots off online meetings.
But it's even worse. Pictures contained technical info like meeting IEDs and user names. This is not just a security issue. This is a privacy issue, but when you look at it from a notion perspective, you can acquire a lot of data that could be used in almost any context in for the future activities.
Now. I named the second example answering the phone, and I would like to tell you that if you live a legitimate life, you do not have privacy as you think you have. But you can still be a little more aware and be better at protecting yourself. Here is how the story goes,
actually an observation from a privacy of where person like myself
Have you noticed when people answer their mobile phones? Actually, they speak very loudly and share their most intimate things, which you could over here without any special effort. But if you were to ask them directly some personal question, you would be frowned upon. At best,
they talk about their financial situations. Love lives, really personal stuff. But when they hang up, they continue to talk with discretion to the other person.
This is usually the case on the street coffee shop, terrorists in public transportation and similar locations where there is some background noise present as a nose in person and a hacker, you could easily add that information to the whole profile making process off your target.
In this video, I hope we raised the awareness bar, a little bit higher, at least in the ocean context.
And in the next one, we will do a module summary, so see you there.
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