Operations Security (OPSEC)

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Video Transcription
hi and welcome back,
as I have previously mentioned. First we will talk about the Operation Security or popularly called the Opsec. Actually, we will define it and then we will put it in the open source intelligence context because with that, we will grasp a better understanding off the two terms.
After that, I will show you a few examples how people are exposing themselves to anyone who wants to gather information about them or their companies
to answer the question. What is upset or Operation Security? I would say that opsec is a term that derives from the U. S. Military. I used the Wikipedia definition. Operation security or upset
is a process that identifies critical information to determine a friendly actions can be observed by the enemy intelligence.
As you can see, what we merge. Open source intelligence. With the operation security, we get a big, fancy military like word, which means a lot of things. But in the end everything comes toe one safety.
There are many reasons why having a healthy obsession with OPSEC is important. One of the biggest is protecting yourselves from hackers, cyber criminals and governments from obtaining data and information that can be used to disclose sensitive things about you or your organization.
When we talk about wasn't an abstract, I would have to say that we all live a big digital footprint and all kinds of traces around the Internet.
Sometimes you wouldn't have to invest a lot of time to get someone's full name, date of birth, email accounts, some employment information, financial information and so forth. For example,
the bad guys aren't with that info could generate a very good fishing email that has a great potential to do a lot of damage if it goes through properly. And since Social Media is a big, big source of information and data about a person or a company, the most important advice I can give you regarding that ISS
think before you share because and I have mentioned this throughout this course,
Internet is forever, and maybe you do not need something about you out there. Actually, it is pretty contrary that we are very private about our life. But when it comes to the Internet, everything goes just something for you to think about
in this lesson. We visited for a brief moment Operation Security, and we have put it in the Austin context, and in the next video, I will show you a few interesting examples how people easily provide information about themselves.
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