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Welcome to the free Cybrary online course for the Cisco Certified Network Administration (CCNA) professional certification. This introductory lesson will help you fully understand the concepts of Cisco's CCNA credential. The Cybrary CCNA course has 6 Modules. Each module is broken down by layer of the OSI Model, correlates the appropriate Protocols it relates to, and includes a series of labs to facilitate comprehension of each layers function, configuration, and process flow in real time. We explain in detail the origin of the OSI Model and summarize each of the OSI Model Layers, and then we outline the flow of the course beginning to end. There are also auxiliary topics that necessarily don't apply to particular OSI layer, so we'll explore those in greater detail at the end of the course during Module 6. So let's get started!

Course Modules

Cisco CCNA

Module 2 - Layer 1 Physical