Objectives and Technical Processes

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Video Transcription
Welcome back to CyberRays. This, of course. I'm your instructor, Brad Roads.
We have reached module five of 10, and this will be domain four of DISIP
systems implementation, verification and validation.
So where are we in our s, of course, journey We're halfway through or well, when we're done with, this module will be halfway through. And this module is going to frame a lot of future things that we talk about related to understanding things like the ISI processes, the system development, lifecycle verification and validation.
These technical processes we're gonna talk about
are very much key to being a solid ISI.
So let's jump into the objectives for a module and technical processes in this video. Pretty straightforward. We're gonna talk about specifically the module objectives. This is a little shorter module that we've done in previous times on. We're gonna talk about technical process and how they relate to system lifecycle processes in NIST.
So, for module objectives for this particular domain, we're gonna look at implementation, integration of systems. We're gonna talk about verification, which we know from previous discussions is Did we meet requirements? We're gonna talk about validation, which is Do we meet mission.
We're gonna talk about something also important, which is stakeholder communications,
which is something you should be doing throughout these different processes of Issa.
So technical processes are one. Processes are one of four process areas in the system life cycle. There's three other ones agreement processes, organizational project, enabling process and technical management processes. So let's talk about the top three first noble touch on technical processes
Agreement Processes air Just what you think they are. They're a process where you create an agreement for something.
It could be acquisition or supply in organization. Project enabling process. Thes air. Things like human resource is quality management, knowledge management, tracking, infrastructure management, all of the processes there that enable a project to happen.
Then we have technical management processes, and this is things like risk management, configuration management, information management, project planning or project management. That's what you find in the technical management process, hence technical management. And then we have the technical process, four of which were going to cover here in this particular module, which are going to be implementation and integration,
verification and validation. And so these processes
are part of a larger sum of technical process there, all of which, and yes, he should be familiar with. But these are the most important off for the ESOP content.
So in this lesson, this video, we covered the objectives for this module, which is module five domain four ofhis ip. When we talked about the technical processes and the four ones that you need to be familiar with as an ISI,
we'll see you next time.
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