Objectives and Review of ISSEP Domains

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Video Transcription
Welcome back to CyberRays. This, of course. I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. We have made it all the way through on our journey to our final module. This is module 10 of 10, and we're gonna talk about concentration insights, things you should know to get ready for the ESOP exam.
Think of this is your final study guide. So we have made a long journey. We started at the very beginning. We work through each of the ISS of domains, which we're gonna review again. We talked about the process. We talked about the system development life cycle. We got through keenness standards and we are here. And once you get through this, you're gonna get that awesome certificate of completion which,
you know, probably could count as CEO or C pes for
your other certifications as you hold them. But this is a great accomplishment to get through all of this material. If you have gathered anything along the way than the ESOP, concentration associated with the C. S S P is pretty complex. There's a lot of things you need to know because you never know where the questions we're going to come from on the exam
So let's jump in to our first lesson.
So in this video, we're gonna look at our module objectives, and we're going to review the Isett domains against. So they're fresh in your mind is we talk through what's in this particular module
so pretty straightforward. We're gonna talk about documents you need to know, documents you need to go through at least once, skim through whatever the case may be, we're gonna talk about the SSC, the system security engineering capability, Maturity model. This is a new concept. It's been around for a while, but it is something you should be familiar with. We're gonna link ISI processes to the SCLC
again. Something you might wanna be
be well familiar with for the exam. And then we're gonna provide Cem Cem insights on how you prepare for the US up exam.
So remember, there are five domains in the information systems security, engineering, professional concentration exam. There's the system security, engineering foundations. That's the basics. There's risk management. But this is not just your risk management from C S SP. This is in depth. Where we look at the three levels
where we look at the organization, we look at Mission Business Process. We look at system owners
in system, the systems level. We get into security, planning and design. That's how do we design a secure system?
We look at implementation, verification and validation. Do we meet requirements? Do we meet mission needs? Are we satisfying the customer? Obviously, in that area, they're very, very much akin to what we tie back to our development processes. And then, of course, we talk about secure ops, change management and disposal,
which are all, ultimately, especially change management. That's cyclical process that we have to follow
to ensure our systems remain secure throughout their entire life cycle.
So in this video we looked at our module objectives and we reviewed the SF domains. We'll see you next time.
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