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21 hours 43 minutes
Video Transcription
Welcome to the network protocols lab. Your lab objective is to interact with various network protocols and services.
I'm gonna provide you with the credentials for every single box here. That doesn't mean you should log into the Windows and Lennox box from the network diagram
on your Cali box, interact with Windows with these credentials and without the credentials and see the difference in ssh onto the links box with MSF admin
and password. MSF admin. You can use SMB for Windows with administrator, password and without
as well as all the other services here. I will tell you the Lennox box is made exploitable. So you saw me exploit nFS.
Go ahead and try that if you want. Um there's no pressure here. I'm not going to do a walkthrough for this because the goal here is not to get root or system, it's simply to be able to interact with the various protocols. There's some that I haven't spoken about yet that you may come across. So your goal is just to enumerate
and become familiar with all these services and protocols
and have fun. So have fun. No pressure here and good luck
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