NetBIOS Enumeration (Demo)

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course in this video. We're gonna go over a brief demonstration of Net bios in new Marais Shin. So why isn't it bios and numerous An important? Well, it gives us information about things like the network shares as well as different groups that the computer belongs to. And we can also get some general computer name information.
First thing I'm doing here is just doing I f config real quick to verify that I do have a public facing I p address in this machine that tells me that I'm able to connect to my target machine on this particular network.
We next just wanna do Net Discover real quick to verify that we can find all the devices on this particular network. And this command is gonna take a little while to run. So it's gonna fast forward the video here and we'll come back once it's finished running.
Right. So you see, we got some results back here, and I already know the i p address of our target machine, which is a medicine floatable to box. And so it's gonna be that 11 92.168 56.10 to that last one listed there. But we were able to verify that we can reach that machine.
So let's go ahead and just clear a screen here real quick. And the next thing I'm gonna do is just run a quick and map version ing scan. So we're going to end map attack lower case as Capital V, and then we'll do the I p address of our target machine, which again, in this case, is 1 92 168
56 102 And we just want to verify that we actually have net bios. The on a port open on this target machine, which we already know since this menace applicable to that, that is the case. But this is the steps that we would take if we didn't know anything about that target device.
All right, so you could see our scan results here. And you see that on both ports 1 39 and port 445 We have net bios running.
Let's go ahead and clear a screen again.
And now we're gonna use a tool called MBT scan here inside of Cali. Lennox, we're just gonna type in nbt scan and you'll be able to see the help menu here with all the different flags that you can use. We're not gonna use all of these in this particular video. We're just gonna use the dash lower case are in the dash. Lower case V for verbose.
Let's go ahead and clear a screen here and we'll type in this command
so we'll type in MBT skin dash lower Case V Dash Lower case R and then we're gonna specify r I P address and you'll see here we get some information back about group name information as well as device information.
So in this video, we just covered a quick example of net bios in New Marais Shin.
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