Module 3 Overview: OSINT Playground

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1 hour 56 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to the module number three called Olson Playground.
Here is where we'll start to talk about the hands on stuff.
First, we will cover what is needed for you to create a secure computer environment from which you will start to do your investigations and to start learning about, does it?
After that, we will talk about no taking part, which is a potential rabbit hole for any kind of inter inter searching, and I will show you a quick overview of a great tool for that.
Next, we will cover password managers, which are very important for your personal or business. Use an overall security. I will show you how to use my favorite password manager. And lastly, we'll go through the information validation, which is also challenged, especially in these days of age off fake news.
In this video, we made a quick overview off Module three,
and in the next one we will talk about how to create a secure computer environment for your investigations.
Just before we begin our first lesson of this module, I would like to show you a great quote from our world's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. It goes like this quote data data data. I cannot make bricks without clay. End quote.
This quote is very easily translated to cosign. I just wanted to point out while collecting data is very exciting and cool, but putting it in a usable, readable and a comprehensive form is the thing that makes it true intelligence.
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