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Having the ability to utilize the Metasploit framework is critical to all penetration testers. In this module we will familiarize you with the key elements of the MSF. We discuss and demonstrate the Msfconsole , MSF CLI, Msfvenom and you will become familiar with Metasploit syntax.

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Now we're gonna get into some actual pin testing. Going to take a look at the Medicis Point framework. Look at various ways of using it. We're going to use it. Must've Consul primarily throughout the class. We use medicine. Voight. So we'll get some experience. They're doing some exploitation as well as using an auxiliary module.
We will use the command line interface in this F. C L. I.
It's useful for if we want to. But modest boy in our Scripture programs, or I've found if we're writing a minister, late model could be useful. There is. Well, we'll also use the must've venom to create standalone payloads. So we'll get her
glimpse at medicine. Wait here. We will use municipally extensively throughout the course, with
course, many other tools as well. I think it's worth taking the time to get familiar with the medicine, weights and tax first

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Georgia Weidman
Founder and CTO at Shevirah and Bulb Security