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In this lesson, participants will become familiar with the relationships of outcomes with management directives. Instructor Kelly Handerhan will present a detailed examination of an ISACA chart that categorizes relationships of outcomes relative to: - Management level - Strategic alignment - Risk management - Value delivery - Performance measurement - Resource management - Integration Key concepts covered are: - The job of the board of directors is to set direction - The board of directors is responsible for setting down the ultimate philosophy and approach of the organization - The job of senior executives is making sure the processes for strategic alignment are implemented, institute processes to integrate security with the business, and make sure roles and responsibilities look at risks The question that is of most concern to us is: as a chief information security officer, how do you make sure what we're doing supports and is strategically aligned with the business? The chief information security officer will find out how to ensure that information security is aligned with the goals and objectives of the business through frequent meetings with the CEO and other senior management.

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