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3 hours 47 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome to the malware threats. Course by name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor for this course in this video. We want to talk about any prerequisites you might need to actually take this course and be successful at it. We're gonna talk about the intended audience. We'll talk a little bit about my background, is your instructor, along with any supplementary material that might be available for the course
as well as the overall core structure itself?
So there really aren't any prerequisites. But having some basic computer knowledge being familiar with how to navigate a computer will be beneficial, especially V EMS, along with understanding operating systems and sort of how they work, how file structures work as well as some basic computer networking. That's really gonna help you be successful in this particular course.
So this audience, for this course is actually anyone interested in getting into my our analysis instant response sort of more than offensive side of the house, however,
also for individuals that may be interested in more the offensive side of the house. So things like getting into penetration testing, for example, Now we don't actually walking through pen testing or anything in this course. But this basic course will be a good foundation for you to build upon as you go either direction, either defensive or offensive or a combination of both.
So who am I? Well, my name is Kenneth Realism. Mentioned before on the master instructor is cyber. Also hold a graduate degree in cyber security and information assurance. I'm also agent professor of digital forensics. I hold a couple asserts. Right now the EEC counsel, certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigators, certifications and many students have already seen me very active on Lincoln.
So with this course, I've got several step by step lab guides so we don't get to the lab section. Be sure to download those and walk through them. And the reason I do that is said what? That way, if I go too fast or too slow in the video for the labs, you can follow along at your own pace That's comfortable for you.
This course is gonna be a mixture of both slide, so you'll see here in the introduction and in the next. Video is well, we do the PowerPoint slide and then we'll move into the actual lab. So that's going to done inside the cyber lab environment. So just make sure that you have access to that, or you could just watch the videos and follow along as well.
So in this video, we talked about the prerequisites for this course again, just having some basic computer knowledge, along with how operating systems and networking works.
The audience is for individuals looking to get that foundation and Mauer like, What is it? I keep hearing it in the media. What is malware and just taking a look and getting some hands on practice with it? We talked about my background. Is your instructor along with a supplementary material again? Be sure to download the step by step lab guides for this course is going to really help you a lot.
And then we talked about the core structure again. It's gonna be
primarily hands on lab, but we do have some power points as well. So in this in the next video, we're gonna talk about malware so we'll find out what is malware. We'll talk about some of the common ones you might have seen in the media, and then we'll move into our labs after that
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