Malware: Keyloggers

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course in this video. We're just gonna go over a brief introduction to key loggers. So we'll talk about what key loggers are. Also talk about some of the different types of key loggers out there,
and we'll talk about ways you can defend against key loggers.
So what is a key logger? Well, basically, it's a program, or it could also be a hardware device that's gonna monitor keystrokes. So Henson and Key logger
And basically, if I am tired beyond my keyboard, you're capturing my information. It could be something like, You're you're capturing my user name and password as I type them in could be your capturing, sensitive data that I'm typing in but in any event were just capturing the information through the use of either a keyboard or some kind of software program to capture those keystrokes.
And so we'll log that information, and then it transmits that information to some kind of remote location. So if I've got a key logger on your device, I might be in Let's just say Russia and you're in the US, and I'm capturing your information to try to log into your bank account
Now. That being said, it's not always a criminal or malicious intent behind a key logger. Sometimes they may be installed like in organization to track. What your employees were doing could be, um, in some kind of a critical infrastructure like manufacturing or industrial type of facility to track what
users are doing with the industrial control systems
could also be in the home right, so parents could have key loggers to try to spy or monitor what their kids are actually doing online or who they're chatting with. And people to monitor some of that messaging. Make sure that they're not chatting with, Let's just say, a pedophile, for example, right so
we can monitor what our Children are doing. So there's there are legitimate uses for
using key loggers.
So we've got to kind of main types, hardware and software key loggers. And so hardware is gonna be things like your bio so embedded in the bios of the system. It's gonna be the keyboard like I mentioned. We just swap out of, you know, a keyboard for what you have in that keyboard we swap
in. There, has malware on it, so it's ableto track. The keystrokes
could also be something external so it could be done via WiFi. Could be done via Bluetooth. Could be done via USB
as well as acoustic in Cam. Then we have our software key logger. These are things like application level key loggers, Colonel key loggers, hyper visor based key loggers as well as form grabbing based key loggers. So what can you do to actually defend against key loggers both in your organization as well as
in your personal life? So in your home systems? Well, making sure that you've got anti virus on your end points right? Or anti malware solutions and your endpoints making sure they're actually up to date using things like papa blockers, which most browsers these days have papa blockers in place,
recognizing phishing emails and deleting them instead of opening them or engaging with them or clicking links in them, using anti key logging software using things like firewalls
avoiding opening, phishing emails, spam emails, junk emails. I hate to break it to you, but you haven't won anything from some rich Nigerian prince that's also your long lost cousin and who's also giving you the lottery lottery winnings right does not realistic that spam email. Just don't open those
use keystroke interference software. Basically, what that does is it
inserts randomized characters into every keystroke. So the attacker can't get the actual information that you're typing in there, using things like host based intrusion detection systems so that can monitor your host machine your endpoints, and basically see if there's any type of key logger trying to be installed and then disable that if it finds the installation of a key logger
also things like just locking away your hardware. So that way, I can't
physically go up and swap out your keyboard for the hardware key logger that I wanna put in there. So just a quick quiz question here for you All the following are examples of hardware key loggers Except which one of these is it gonna be Colonel Bluetooth or USB?
But if you guess Colonel, you are correct again. Colonel is a software key logger.
So this video, we just talked about what key loggers are. We also talked about the two main types of key loggers, which are again software hardware. And then we talked about in different ways that you can defend against key loggers
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