Maltego Lab Part 2

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2 hours 37 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we started off with our tool. Multi! Go. Now we went ahead and wants the tool. If you didn't have an account and created one and got loved in and everything, we then went and did a search for an email address. So we search for my support and Microsoft dot com We ran a query against it, as you had seen on my end of things.
For some reason, my multi angle was not cooperating. Today
s Oh, my. I didn't really get any search results back, however, and urine what it should have done this kind of map things out in the background for you and showing you any you know, addresses associate ID with that particular email address
in this video, what we're gonna do is do a search on the domain. So we're gonna do the search on Microsoft dot com and we'll take a look and see if there's any information we get back.
So let's go ahead and get started. So on her left side,
we're gonna grab the domain one. So we're just gonna left click and drag it over and just drop it anywhere on your screen there
or at our next step is working a double click where it says pater va where it's gonna double click, and they're to highlight it. And then we're gonna type in Microsoft
dot com
and then just click anywhere in the white space there to save your change. You'll notice it changes it on the right side there.
All right, So what we're gonna do now is we're here it step 11 we just double clicked and change the name to Microsoft dot com.
Step 12 we're gonna go ahead and were quickly plus sign to the left of the pater va C T A S C e. Option.
Okay, so let's go and do that now. So down here under the transforms
there were two scroll down
and we've got a little ways to scroll. It should be down near the bottom.
Here we are. So it looks like our plus Sinus already clicked. So this is the one right here. The petrova c t A s c E. So we've already got our plus sign clicked,
so we'll leave. That be Let's go back to our lab document.
All right? so we're going to do now is we're gonna look for any email addresses associated with this particular domain. So with the Microsoft dot com domain,
So what we're how we're gonna do that is we're gonna be clicking on the arrows to the right to remember, we do that double arrow that I'll actually run it for us.
So let's go ahead and do that now.
So we're just gonna run the double arrow there and see what kind of information we get back.
We'll see if this is any more successful, are right. Cool. So this one is actually successful in my end this time, so I'm excited about that. All right, so you'll notice we get some very basic information. You know, again, you know, the longer we let this run, especially if we have the paid version and may do more correlation for us, But at least we got something back, and that's a good thing.
So you'll notice what multi go does. As I mentioned, it kind of lets you map things out so
you'll see. It's kind of mapping things now if we did a lot of different searches against Microsoft, So if we did e mails and and, you know, uh, the Domaine et cetera. Then all this could be on one graph for us. And this could be something that we produce for a client to show them like, Hey, look, you know, sure you got this one server, but look, where else it, you know, it's connected to.
So it really just helps You kind of map things out as part of your penetration test
so we can let this keep running if we want to. Realistically, it's probably not gonna give us too many
results past this, Just based on the factories in the free version, so we'll just leave that alone for now.
All right. So question number three here, were there any email addresses located that were associated with the domain? So did we find anything in the database? So any email addresses on our screen here, then we find any.
All right, So the answer on my end at least, is yes, Of course we found. So
All right, so the last part of this lab is I just want you to actually practice on your own, so I want you to scroll through this crowbar here
but the top left to see the different
areas that you could actually use as part of your searching.
So you see some things, you know, like gang and, you know, in crime and stuff like that, you'll see other things as well. So question number four, what are some of the items? So, as you look through that list, there were some items that you didn't actually expect to find on that list.
So I know for me the first time that, um,
I use this tool. I didn't expect to find all this stuff on, like actual, like locations. Right. So, like, crime scenes, city, you know, country churches even, you know. So I didn't expect to find that those particular items in this tool like that. So for me, those were some someone's that kind of shocked me the first time around,
but feel free to jot down whichever ones,
uh, kind of a shock to you.
All right, so in this in this video, we just wrapped up our discussion on Malta. Go. So we took a look at the domain, and we try to find email addresses associated with that particular domain again. We're kind of limited on the aspect. We're using the free version of the tool and the fact that we just ran a generalized stuff against Microsoft.
So in the next video, we're gonna use a tool called H T Track and we're gonna use that tool is part of our information gathering process. We're gonna use it to mirror websites. So all that means is we're gonna be copying the code from a Web site to try to make it. You start to try to basically look at the code and see if we notice any vulnerabilities. Now we won't take a deep dive on the code or anything like that in the lab.
What kind of taking a very high level overview? It's really just to show you another tool in your arsenal
for footprints.
So thanks for watching. And I'll see you in the next video
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