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This lesson covers Domain 9, which is system maintenance. This lesson covers basic security requirements 3.7.1 and 3.7.2.

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This lesson covers Domain 9, which is system maintenance. This lesson covers basic security requirements 3.7.1 and 3.7.2.

Video Transcription
Now the main nine is maintenance maintaining our systems. So our basic security requirements perform maintenance on organizational information systems. So when we think about maintenance, what sorts of things do we think about? We wanna think about being very proactive
in our maintenance.
You know, if I'm ah mechanic on a plane, I don't want to wait till there's a problem to think about. We should have manipulated this function or if I'm driving down the road, I don't wait until, uh, my engine overheats. Toe add cooler, right. We would be very proactive. So when we talk about maintenance, we
in order to determine
ah, what maintenance is needed. In many instances, we think about things like monitoring performance, making sure that were consistent with their baseline configuration, patching the system, monitoring those patches, documenting there's patches, any sort of thing that we need to do
to maintain that
Baseline day today. Performance and security expectation that we have. So we're gonna have to monitor risks. We're gonna have to stay. Ah, breast of current events is for us. The threat landscape goes, and we're gonna have to be very proactive. So we're gonna perform maintenance on our systems
Ah, and provide effective controls on the tools, techniques, mechanisms
and personnel used to conduct information system maintenance. And essentially the whole point there is we have to limit who can maintain these systems, who can update thesis systems, who can monitor who has access to the audit logs.
This is very much an administrative function. And if I can install software, if I can access tools, if I can access the audit, well, perhaps I can delete entries.
So we want to make sure that we perform maintenance. But we also wanna lock down who can perform that maintenance and who has access to the tools and the other elements responsible to do so.
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