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Welcome back to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator course on Sai Buri. This is the beginning of module three licensing where we will discuss license types and then license violations. Those will be the two lessons within this module.
As you can see, this is gonna be the first module where we really get into a specific topic.
And we placed licensing at the beginning because once you understand and have your environment set up, you'll require a license before you start really configuring anything or giving data feeding into Splunk. So this felt like the appropriate place to talk about it in the grand scheme off Splunk.
So I look forward to jumping into the next lesson and discussing Maura about
license options and how you can get build and how you might like to go about setting up your splint environment.
Welcome back to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator course on Sai Buri. This is a lesson 3.1 where we're going to discuss license types available for Splunk enterprise. So the learning objectives are going to talk about what types of Splunk licences are available
and then we'll go over how each one works. Basically what specific limitations and features, it
boasts, And then we'll talk about Splunk premium APS and how they're licensed separately from enterprise.
So why are we learning this? I think it's important that we put this towards the beginning. Now that you understand Splunk and how it should be deployed now, you need to have your license before you really set up your environment or start bringing any data in Azaz. The license will determine
how much data you're allowed to bring in, so it's important to have an understanding that before you just start bringing things in and also a lot of *** features are disabled if you do not have a license. So that's another reason why that's important. So primary licenses that are available for Splunk enterprise there's gonna be
either that
the general generic Splunk enterprise license that's based on daily ingest per day, so that would look like one terabyte per day. It would some data amount.
Four day is generally how those are issued. And then there's also the Splunk Enterprise Infrastructure license, which is fairly new to Splunk and basically tries to shift the licensing from just a role in just value to a compute power based model.
Other license types that exists are gonna be a Dev or a test license, which basically is just a very small limitation, as faras data in just license that you can use for developing or testing different things for Splunk.
Then there's also the sales or sales trial license, which is basically issued by the sales team on a case by case basis to potential customers so that they can pilot Splunk.
And then there's also the free Splunk license, which you can use generally for a very small like tester personal system to set up in a Iot instance that will be limited to 500 megabytes of data in just per day.
Okay, so now that we've covered
the main Splunk license types will talk quickly about premium APS. So here I have a list of some of this premium maps. They're available in Splunk, so these are licensed entirely separately from Splunk Enterprise. So having Splunk enterprise does not give you access to any of these abs.
These are additional paid offerings
that you have to get a separate license board before you can use. So that's important to know, so that if you go to split base and try to get any of these APS and run into problems with that. This is why you need to go through the sales team, get a license specifically for the premium app that you're interested in,
and then you'll be able to on download and install the app.
So in summary, we talked about this five Splunk license types. We went over the Splunk Enterprise license that infrastructure license, the sales, try a license. The tester Dev listens as well as Splunk free. So
we also quickly discussed the limitations and functionalities of each of those licenses,
noting that Splunk enterprise is full featured and defined by whatever the limitation on it would be defined by
your license agreement stating how much data you can have and for the other licensed types. We talked about the specific limits on data in just that. Each of those have, and then we also win over premium adapts and how they have separate licenses altogether from your Splunk enterprise.
So that's everything you need to know about Splunk licenses Now. In the next lesson, we'll talk a bit about license violations and what happens when you are not
operating Splunk within the confines of your lessons
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