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User Datagram Protocol Now we move on to explore User Datagram Protocol which is a connectionless transport and how it's different from previous transport protocols. We'll discuss the pros and cons of sending segments to the Routing Table with no expectation of an acknowledgement and in what scenario that is beneficial.

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the next portal call I'm going to cover under the transport layer is your user data Grand protocol.
Now, unlike TCP, which does connection oriented transport or reliable transport, user did a grand political or UDP does connection less or unreliable transport?
What this means is segments are sent, and there is no expectation off getting an acknowledgment back for a sense segment. So segments are just simply sent and no acknowledgement is received in return.
For example, rip around Information protocol uses UDP Port 5 20
Now why does Rip does not expect an acknowledgement every time it's sense out its routing table on UDP Port 5 20 because there's gonna resend the routing table anyways every 30 seconds.
So once again, Judy P uses connection less on unreliable transport, which means segments that are sent go unacknowledged, and there's no expectation off getting an acknowledgment back. That concludes my lecture on UDP

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