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EIGRP Feasible Distance FORMULAS!!! Oh No!!! Well, no worries, it's looks complex, but it's not and we'll show you why. For this lesson we cover the topic Feasible Distance and demonstrate how EIGRP uses it as its metric using this EIGRP Formula. We decipher the EIRGP Formula and explain in detail what each element of the formula is and what the calculation groupings tells us. For example, there are several factors that comprise the formula such as bandwidth, load level, reliability factor, EIGRP delay and other factors. This lesson is exceptionally good at explaining each component, how they are related and interrelated, what the parameters of that component is, why it's important and how it plays into the entire EIGRP process from a mathematical and execution perspective. Quick and Painless!

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Cisco CCNA

Module 2 - Layer 1 Physical