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welcome back to CyberRays is. Of course, I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. Well, we have completed module nine key NIST standards.
So what we're gonna cover in this video, we're gonna go back through those keenness publications that we touched on and highlight some areas of important.
So here are the sixth Miss Standards that we talked about specifically in this module. We talked about 801 62 volumes, system security, engineering, lots of processes that are very important to you and the s of content.
We talked about 853 which is a great place to get security controls. If you have no idea where to start, you have no idea what security controls you need. Um, that's where you get them from. We talked about Special Pub 888. That's the guidelines for sanitization, which is directly related to media
that we saw when we talked about disposal versus Decommissioning.
Obviously, you can you can clear it, you can purge it, and you can destroy it. And those your three areas you want to remember there
we talked about missed 801 100 that's the Information Security handbook for managers This is a great review point as you're prepping for the ESOP exam. But the other thing you wanna remember that came out of that was
the training where we start with awareness and then we get to training. And then we get the education and the fact that we need to do a better job of helping our users be aware and trained and make them those sort of those first line of defense for our cybersecurity and info *** systems so that, you know, we actually trust our users versus what we do today.
We talked about the cybersecurity framework and the five pieces to that really important to know that one. Lots of things we've done as an ESOP throughout Theis it domains DSC process and s the DLC that you can tie directly into the nice cybersecurity framework.
And then finally, we covered in this special are used to being Phipps pub, not miss public. It will be soon enough. But Phipps Pub 1 40 tech to and that's the security requirements for cryptographic modules. And this is more of a discussion of those physical modules, right? But a lot of the principles that we do in Phipps 1 40 Tech to can also be applied to
the digital or online cryptographic systems that we see.
So what do we cover in this video? We reviewed the Keenest documents that we talked about throughout our module and time together here in module nine.
We're going to move on now to module 10 and talk about Theis of concentration and help you to be prepared for the exam.
We'll see you next time.
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