Introduction to Becoming a Cloud Engineer

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course in this video. We're gonna talk about the cloud engineer job, so we're gonna talk about what a cloud engineer is. We'll also talk about some of the job responsibilities you might be doing as a cloud engineer. We'll talk about some of the skills you're gonna need both to become a cloud engineer as well as to be successful in the role. We also talk about some of the common industry Certs
four, Cloud Engineer. And we'll talk about the general salary range as well.
Keeping in mind with that that the salary range is Ah, general rule of thumb, it doesn't mean you're gonna make exactly those particular numbers. You might make more. You might make list. There might be other factors involved there as far as, like, stock options or extra vacation time, things like that.
So what is the cloud engineer? Well, these air individuals that help maintain the organizations or if you're working in a consulting role, three organizations
cloud infrastructure
and you might be doing various tasks as part of maintaining that infrastructure. And like I said, we'll talk about some of the skills and some of the responsibilities you might be doing in just a moment. And you may also be involved in service, architecture and infrastructure as well for the organization.
So what are some of the common job responsibilities? Well, you may be creating identity access, management rules and policies and just maintaining the identity and access management of the organization,
making sure, basically that the right people with right applications or systems
have access to Onley the things they actually need, access to
automation. So figuring out ways that we can automate processes to speed them up, maybe save on costs
and just improve the efficiency of the organization as a whole
cost optimization. So making sure that we're actually using resource is that we have spun up, making sure that we can reduce costs wherever possible
and making sure that the cloud is a business enabler and not a hindrance to the organization,
the cloud itself. So whether you're using AWS azure, etcetera, the cloud could be very come very expensive. If we're not optimizing things
alongside the cost optimization we want wanna also focus on
performance optimization. So that's another thing you may be doing as a cloud engineer, making sure that we're getting the most out of the resource is that we have
and then doing things like maintaining storage. So, for example, in AWS maintaining, maintaining the S three storage maintaining our database is maintaining easy two instances
doing things like modifying subjects and access control list. So a lot of different task around cloud of engineers and maintaining that infrastructure.
So what are some common skills of cloud engineers? Well, you really need to have a strong background in computer networking. Cloud Engineer is not really an entry level type of rule. You really wanna have kind of a sys admin or network admin slash engineer background. To have that strong foundation and networking strong foundation and operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac
Lennox is very prevalent with the cloud. So you definitely wanna have that experience.
Having some knowledge and experience with scripting languages or programming language is going to really help you, especially around the automation in the cloud
experience with databases so understanding how data is stored in our organization and specifically in the cloud infrastructure
experience with identity and access management. So even if your experience is just with, like, active directory or something like that. Understanding how that should work in in the enterprise
will still be mostly applicable in the cloud space. So a lot of times it's just a technology we're using and not the actual fundamental. So if you understand the fundamentals of identity and access management, it should be pretty simple for you to learn whatever cloud environment that your organization is using
and keeping in mind that a lot of organizations are multi cloud. So you may have to learn
and be proficient in Aws Cloud Azure Cloud by Microsoft or Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud. Depending on where you live, at Oracle's Cloud IBM Cloud So a lot of different clouds out there AWS and azure are the largest ones or the largest market share out there right now. But it can always change. So just understanding the fundamentals around that and then, of course, troubleshooting cloud environments.
So what are some of the common search you might want to get if you're interested in becoming a cloud engineer, or you may want to get as you're a cloud engineer,
well, fundamental search from AWS and Azure, I always recommend people that want to get into more of the cloud space and get experience in that. There's a number of AWS fundamental search. So things like Cloud Practitioner Solutions, architect associate, same with azure. There's a fundamental certification with azure for the cloud. Other search include things like CCS, K
and C C S P, which, if you've got the C S S P. So once you've got five years experience,
then sort of the cloud version of that is gonna be see CSP. There's some similar domains and some of the content similar. And then there are some people that also get comped. Ia's cloud plus
the although AWS and Azure search by far are a lot more prevalent for cloud in cloud engineers, especially in the security space.
So what kind of salary can you expect as a cloud engineer? Well, here in the US, generally speaking, you can expect a range from about 113,000
upwards of 1 35 and actually I know some cloud engineers that are making over $200,000 a year here in the US
That being said, if your entry level, if you're saying well, I just want to get into the cloud space
you. I do know of one person in particular, actually, that went from basically minimum wage
learned Cloud got a couple of aws. Certs grabbed an internship. I think they were making, like, 40 or 50,000 with that. And then they were able to get a six figure jobs. So it is possible to get six figures and that was in 2020. So very recently when I'm filming this and that was during the pandemic and all that stuff. So
just understand that you can get pretty high salaries in the cloud space, but you do want to get some experience. So
the higher salary ranges, usually for people that have some experiences sys admin network admin. And they're moving into the cloud space
in the UK around 50 to 90,000 or higher pounds and then in India, 250,000 to upwards of in the millions of rupees over there.
So just a quick quiz question here for you. Common cloud focused certifications that a cloud in junior might hold include all the following except which one is that ccs K A W s or C E h.
Alright, If you guessed c e h you are correct. Now there may be some cloud engineers that hold CH, but typically you're not gonna go get C E. H and then plan to work in the cloud space. It's not a natural progression. You do talk about some cloud stuff and c E H as faras.
What is a cloud? It's a very, very fundamental things, but it's not really a certification geared towards helping you get a job in the cloud space.
So in this video, we just talked about what a cloud engineer is, some of the common responsibilities and some of the common skills. We also talked about some of the common search that you might want to get or that you should get as a cloud engineer, and we also talked about the generally salary range as well.
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