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4 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to the side. Bury Empty, A 98 3 66 network and Fundamental Certification Prep course you may acts one in the world. Is this 98 366 fundamental networking certification? All about it. In fact, what are the benefits?
Did you know that this is Microsoft again? Newest suite of technology certifications exam And what it does it validate that you have the fundamental knowledge need to begin building your career within the fuel efficient technology using Microsoft technology?
This program provides an appropriate inter point
to anyone who designed to again further their career or perhaps begin her career with an infield of inference technology. It assumes some hands on experience, but not necessary. Doesn't sue me what we call on the job experience. The great thing about this course is that if you don't have any hands on experience, this course is in fact for you.
In fact, we're gonna have some
hands on exercises because again, this class is comprised of lecture and hands on exercises.
So one of the benefits of this particular exam did you know that according to the Microsoft, 86% of the manager state that there are two certification are important when they're considering candidates. And, in fact, 91% say that its certification is a searcher when they are hiring
marks. I've also stated that 64% of managers thought that a certification had high value when it came to validating the skills off job candidates and that the certification experience and training with some of the most important characteristics, one selecting an employee
Now that empty a certification is again, it supplies you with the expertise knowledge needed for you for specific technology or product. And it's recommended starting point for Microsoft certifications. So if you're gonna begin your career, your lies and Microsoft, you might want to begin this certification,
because what is gonna do for you? It provides a solid foundation with just one exam. Imagine is one example.
You earn a certification that allow you to take your first step toward a career in I t. Another thing important about this particular benefit. In fact, for those are you hoping to improve your employability?
Having a world recognized qualification could be a key to raising your profile or your stock. So what you wanna do, you wanna impress your future employees, and you want to feel confident when you go to your next interview knowing
that you have a certification and the skill that would enable you to have a successful career with in the I T. Feel.
So who? The target audience.
Anyone interested in the hands in the air networking and computer related skill discourses for you
on our hand. If you're a student looking to pass the empty exam, equally as important this Sam, it's for you as well. So what are the pre records? Is that exam? Why there's not any specific prerequisites. The micro technology associate Fundamental exam
is a choir that you have what we call a basic if makes technology knowledge in place.
So what are the skills are required now forthe exams a concern this exam marriage, your ability to accomplish the technical task Listen above the percentage indicate their relative weight of each major topic area on exam.
The higher percentage, the more questions you like to see on that content area on exam. Now what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna walk it through several questions pertaining to the empty except certification according to each of the lunar objectives that I have stated on be going through that process is well,
so let's look at the specifics of this exam, not force a number of questions approximately 30 to 50 courses now. Since Microsoft does not publish this information, the dumb exam question may change without notice.
The type of question you're gonna have an example gonna be, either what we call multiple choice or multiple gas. You're gonna need a passes. Go off 70. Now this passes score does not mean that you must answer 7% of the question. Correct. In order to pass exam. The actual percentage various from examines them and maybe more or less than 7%.
There's no, apparently for guessing. The points are there, doesn't it? For incorrect answers.
If a question specify that you must choose multiple correct answers, you must choose the exact number of correct answers specified in the questions in order to earn a point for that item. Now, some of the questions on eggs own exam may not count toward the calculation of your score.
Often time Mike LaSalle was throwing a question,
and that is meant together. Debtor would help them improve the exam. Now before the exam is gonna take you would be a lot of about 15 minutes to do the exam.
And so again, what's next?
The next thing when you discussed now is how do I pass the exam on the first time? First of all, you want to go back and review? Does the cyber race slides that's gonna be provided, you know, study the material. You want to make sure what you're going through the exam that you select the best response. You always make sure you focus on the key concepts.
Now they're gonna be Chris's clued at the end of each module
within this particular course to provide individual assessment of the knowledge presenting in each lesson, you going this class gonna be comprised. A lecture and hands on exercises now in our next section will begin by discussing understanding local area network. So I'm gonna first I want to show you we have a simple question here for you.
This question states specifically what is the most common central
what we call center device used today to connect computers to a network. Is it a Ah huh? Is it be a switch, is it? See a small office Home office router? Or is it a VP and virtual private network router?
Now, if you selected again
switch, You're absolutely correct. So a switch is similar to a hope that it connects computers to what we call a central point again. I wanna thank you very much for your attention to detail doing this particular intro to the exam itself. And I look forward to seeing your future training presentations.
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