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4 hours 30 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to the side. Bury Empty, A 98 3 66 network and Fundamentals Certification Prep course.
My name is Jim Hollis and I will be your subject matter expert.
Hold various certifications and information security, including the certified MBA security manager or sizzle
system security certified practices or S. S. C. P
com, Tia's certified advanced security practitioner, as well as a security plus certification.
I have some other certifications, but I firmly believe that the empty 8 98 3 66 as well as Again The Cocktails Network Plus and the fact that I'm a Microsoft certified trainer it's most relevant to this course of instruction. In fact, I've been on Microsoft certified trainer since January 12th 2006.
Now let's take a look at the course outline, and this is a material and the order in which gonna be covered doing this course instruction. We will begin by First of all, answer the question. What is the empty again? 98 36 is fundamental networking certification all about in terms of
one of the benefits from, say, for example, a candidate perspective as well as then poor perspective. Who is the target audience.
What are the skills gonna be? Marriage? It per Microsoft. What is exam prerequisites?
Would exam specifics when I meant to buy specifics is, in other words, how many questions Have an exam,
What type of questions gonna have on exam and so forth,
then lastly, go discuss how you go about the prices. Successfully pass an exam the very first time. Other words. What if something techniques you should employ in terms of study and so forth?
Let's not take a look at the topic to be discussed doing this particular course of instruction.
First of all, we're gonna begin by first are taking a look at Martha One understanding local area networks now. And this model will begin by first of the finding exactly what a local area network is all about. Actually, how you set up a network as well We're gonna talk about central connection devices devices You used to be the connect network together. Other words, computers together
and martyr to and discuss that finding networks with the S I model.
No, no, it's on mother stands for the open system interconnection model. It's a seven little mark or offer time a seven Stackley. Call it now with any seven stacks of seven layers, you have various advices. They operated the different layers of the S R model. Now us, our mother is not the only Mara out there.
In fact, you have to teach happy modern, some other models as well.
But again, the great thing about these this particular Mari it's a great model for troubleshooting.
If you having some issues again, whether than you going through the process actually saying, Okay, it's a layer of three issue. It may not be a layer of three issue. It may just be a little one issue, and we will be discussing that doing this particular module
now. My mother three. We discussed understanding. Why didn't Wallace Networks perhaps the best way to characterize Wired? And while it's network is a wide network gets what you have media like cables and so forth it's called. Got it.
Then, when you look at the Wallace ah, what we call a wireless networks consider unguided media. Other words. You don't have any wilder cable you just have. It's actually the signal is actually transmitted in the air
Now. In modern, four were discussing understanding Internet protocols, not Internet protocol, is again a set of rules and regulations that there's certain protocol that you must know what they are in terms of when you go to sit for the particular example, be discussing this in mind before
in modified. We discussing implementing TCP I pee in the command line. Obviously, they're different commands you gonna initiate, For example, you can do an R P convicted. See what your configuration airs. You can actually do a pink a man in order to be able to make sure you have, in fact, network connectivity. Other words you able to communicate
with some other computer. Our host on your particular network
in March of six in discussing working with networking service is now there are different types of networking servicing, or we will be discussing doing this particular model. Other words gonna learn about D. N s or domain name and service is is where Day CP and so forth
in modern, almost seven discussing understanding, why area networks as well
in the last model again in modern a be discussing the fighting network infrastructure as well as security, not get Obviously security is a great place that conclude this particular course of instruction because again, security is paramount, particularly nowadays when our networks of such under vast amount of the tax nowadays
and we have all these again. Like I said, we have all these different attacks in the current nowadays
and we need to have processes in place to try to what, mitigate a minimize the impact of these various attacks. Again, I wanna thank you very much for your attention to detail, and I look forward to seeing you in on this particular presentation. So with all that being said, let's get started.
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