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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome to the footprint. Of course you're on cyber. My name is Ken Underhill. I'll be your instructor now, for those of you that have taken my penetration testing an ethical hacking course on the website. We did cover foot printing in that particular course, however, recovered it at a very high level and we didn't really do a whole lot of hands on
here. We're gonna do a mini course and it's gonna be solely focused on foot prints. We'll talk about what foot printing is. We're also gonna talk about the different tools that we can use for that.
So our course objectives, we're gonna cover the penetration testing methodologies for So for those students that have not gone through my other course, we're gonna cover what the penetration testing methodology is and where foot printing fits on that map.
We're also gonna learn what oh scent is. So we'll figure out what that actually stands for, and we'll learn about the importance of it. We're gonna cover us and mentioned many different foot printing tools of ways we can do footprint. And then, of course, we're gonna have a majority of the time were to spend hands on. So this is a very hands on course. We do have a few lectures, like introduction et cetera,
to give you some background knowledge, but otherwise it's a hands on course. So with that being said,
there are some supplemental resource is that you'll want to download with this course so they're attached to the course. It's gonna be a bunch of step by step lab guys that I've created for you as well as some other helpful information. So be sure to download that. If you need to pause this video to go, do so, be sure to do so.
So what is footprint in? What do we care about? Well, for printing is basically just gathering intelligence, right? So footprint, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering all that is used interchangeably to describe getting information about our target.
So we talked a little bit about what foot printing is and we're covering in this course. Well, who am I who might ease your instructor?
Well, of course, my name is kind Underhill, as I mentioned, I am a master instructor is cyber. I'm also an agent professor of digital forensics. I hold a masters in cyber security and information assurance, as well as an undergraduate degree and cyber security management and information systems.
I also hope to told to certifications right now. So the certified ethical hacker as well so you could be racking forensic investigator. Both of those are from easy counsel,
and I'm also studying for my cop t a pen test plus right now as well. I'm an exam reviewer and writer for easy counsel. So I've reviewed for the certify Difficult hacker examination. And then I've also written questions for the computer hacking forensic investigator certification. So
that being said, I can't actually tell you what's on either of those exams, but we will cover many of these things
in my penetration. Testing in ethical hacking course would cover many of things for the certified ethical hacker examination,
so prerequisites Well,
technically, you don't need any to take this course, but to be very successful in it, it's good to have a strong networking background. So at least a fundamental understanding of computer networking. Ah, fundamental understanding of operating systems and really this course is targeted towards those individuals studying for either that certified ethical hacker
examination or the As I mentioned, the cop he a pen test plus
examination. So foot printing is something you could technically take on your own and learn a little bit. But if you're setting for one of those exams, this course is more targeted towards you.
So we're covering a lot of different topics here, but in reality, it's just a listing of tools. Right. So you're a macho one Recovering the introductions will talk about as I mentioned things like, What is Oh, sint. We've already covered, like who I am as your instructor and how the course is laid out
model who would jump in tow? Ennis, look up. Which is a command. We can use the windows and then who is? Which is a way we could search online.
Module three will talk about showed an much of formal tengo Mucha five. We jump into HT t track the harvester wreak on Angie. We jump into social engineering. We're also gonna do a fishing lab in there, so I just want you to be exposed to that social engineering tool kit as well. And the Montel nine would have kind of wrap up and talk about what we've covered in this entire course. Now
this course is a shorter course. And this is not gonna be some extravagant 50 hour. Of course you have to complete.
This is intended to be a shorter course. So really, what we're trying to do here is show you the tools a little bit, give you a taste of them, and then I want you to practice on your own toe, learn these tools more in debt. So that way, if you decide to work as a penetration tester, you've got some exposure to different areas you might be using as part of your footprint and reconnaissance process.
So how is this course treasure? Well, as I mentioned, we got some lectures here in the introduction section.
And then we've also got predominantly a lab based course. So, as I mentioned hands on is a huge part of this course. Now, I'll be using the cyber re labs for a good portion of this course. However, another good portion of the course is just using stuff on your local machine. So, um,
I will kind of show you where to go get like Callie linens ever toolbox.
However, we will not cover an actual installation of that in this course, I'm just going to show you where to go get those at. But that being said, depending on what you're using, whether it's Mac Windows, you know our limits for your operating system or something else. You can actually find a bunch of YouTube videos or something similar that will show you exactly what you need to do for your particular system. So
to keep this pretty agnostic for everyone,
I did not include an installation of Talia Lennox and in Virtual Box, however, is pretty easy to install those, and I'll show you where you can go get those particular items.
And then, as I mentioned, Supplement of Resource is so again I've got step by step guides for all the lab. So that way, if you feel I go too slow for you, you can Istanbul the guy and go through it. If you feel I go too fast again, you could download the guide. If you just saw the person that likes looking at a step by step guide as they go through lap, then by all means. You, of course, I have it up on the screen, but you'll be ableto
look at it on your screen as well as we go through it.
So just one quick post assessment question for to end out this particular lecture.
True or false, we will not be doing any hands off for this course. So we will not be doing any hands on for this particular course. Is that true or false?
All right, so obviously we all know that's false, right? I mentioned this is a predominantly or majority hands on time, of course. And as I mentioned, this is a good course to take as kind of prepped for the certified ethical hacker as well as the pen test plus examinations. Now pen tests plus, and I'll talk about the differences briefly here. I'll digress for a moment.
Sort of unethical hacker is more of knowing about the theory behind things, so you don't necessarily have to be able to read output from a tool
and figure out what's going on with the tool. Whereas the copy a pen test plus is more focused on like understanding, like, why would I use his tool in a certain situation? Or, you know, for example, like I wanted to foot printing? What kind of tool can be used for foot printing, right? So can I use the harvester? You know, can I use re Kon Angie? Whatever. You know, Tool,
the other component of pen tests Plus is being able to read out of these tools. So that's why
I've kind of designed this course to go along with both exams. But that's why we take a stronger hands on approach. You can get familiar with these tools and be more successful when you go for either examination. So again, this course is not an actual prep course for, like the entire exam. However, it's a component
of both of those exams. You know, footprint is a component of both those exams,
and so that way you could have an understanding of what tools to use for this particular module.
All right, so we've covered who I am in this particular video. We've also talked about how this course is structured a CZ well, as a little bit about surfing difficult hacker in the pen tests plus exams and how this course fits into those. And the next video, we're gonna learn about what Oh Sint is as well a sea pen testing methodology that I mentioned
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