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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone. My name is Peter Simple own, and this is the network security course. This video is specific to the introduction and overview off this course where we're going to kind of get a feel for how the course is laid out on the learning objectives and summaries and basically, how I'm going to approach teaching this course.
So let's start off with the learning objectives.
So in this course, right, we're gonna learn about the core knowledge and the foundation of network security. From there, we're going to go into the application of selected network security concepts.
Afterwards, we're going to take a look at network security architecture and building principles. And finally, we're going to get him or into the practicality of network security by applying security practices and working with network devices. So to kind of make these objectives
easier to understand a breakdown.
I have the learning objective pyramid, so we're going to start at the bottom of the pyramid and work our way up the 1st 3 sections. The core application and design are going to be more theoretical sections where we kind of learned about the theory
and we get ourselves a really great base of cyber security network knowledge.
The next two sections the two at the top, the design section and the device section thes air going to beam or practical sections where we actually start implementing some of the knowledge that we learned in the bottom three section. So in the course section at the bottom,
we're gonna take a look at, you know, the C I A triad, right, pillars of cybersecurity, some really key principles and the ethics of cybersecurity as well. From there, we're gonna move up into the application section where we take a look at things like risk management, incident response and data handling.
From there, we go into
network design. So this is where we learn about network security, architecture and really important network security principles. We also understand why that when we build a very strong network security, architecture and design, most threats get mitigated before they can even happen.
From there, we're gonna look into the application design, and that's where we kind of look at, You know, good cyber hygiene. And, you know, improving network security practices and learning what they are
from there at the top will go into the device section where we take a look at network security components. Things like him. Hindes, hips needs nips. And if you don't know what, any of those are not a problem where I'm take a look at security components that reside on the computer and in the network itself.
Finally, also in the device section, we're going to have
a windows far wall demo.
So what are the prerequisites for this course? Well, thankfully, none of the prerequisites are required. But it's really helpful if you have some type of knowledge in basic network concepts, not necessarily in security, but just in general, how
networks work, how computers transfer information back and forth to the network and things like that.
a little bit about me. Yeah. Hello, My name is Pierre Sip alone. I have a bachelor's in computer science with specialization in cybersecurity. I'm a security analyst for a large corporation on the East Coast.
And also I am a cyber teacher. Teach for cyber very and I also give network on cyber security. Best practice webinars for my friends cybersecurity startup.
I currently hold the S S, C. P and the network plus certifications, and I am currently studying for the C I S S P, which I will pass sometime in 2020.
My current favorite hobby is black riding. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I've been taking full advantage. That's riding my bike. One of the current bike races that I am most interested in is a race called Rag Bride, which is a week long bicycle race across the state of Iowa. So basically right during the day,
you can't bound in a cornfield at night.
And then you kind of just eat your way across the state, have, you know, having incredible amounts off Midwesterner and food and drinks, and you can jump on random people's pools and everything. Yeah, it's a it looks like a really great time.
So and eventually you know, my retirement job. You know, I like to think long term and, you know, if tired of cybersecurity, I might want to kind of branch out from my retirement job, and that would be I would like to be a bar own. I would like to open up a bar with my brother and we would call it brothers
where you never have to
sip alone. So And if you need to contact me for any reason, you can email me at any time at Pete at Peter sip alone dot info. So if I did a really great job for this course, feel free to let me know if I did a really bad job for this course.
Definitely let me know. So I know it to improve upon for next time.
So the way the course is laid out, right, we'll look at the learning objectives. You know, the prerequisites for each video and a lesson, and then we'll go into the actual information itself. Once the information has been taught will follow it up with a quiz. Quiz is not designed to trick you. It's designed to be straightforward,
to be simple, and the quiz relates to information that we learned in the lesson. This is just to get your
wheels thinking about, you know, how do I apply this, you know, memorizing. See if you were paying attention in that kind of thing. So this is how the quiz format looks right? I look for
you know, I asked a very simple, basic question, and then I give a couple of options
so for this quiz, right? What is Pete's retirement jobs? A. Run a marathon in every continent. Be open a bar of my brother, see bike across the state of Iowa or D teach network security.
And the correct answer is B open a bar of my brother. Call it brothers, or you never have to sip alone.
So after the quiz, I usually like to include a really quick video of summary off. Just about all the things that we learned in this particular lesson just kind of like a quick recap to get you thinking about the material that you've already learned. So
that's kind of the layout of each lesson off this course, you know,
and that's all the housekeeping fools that I have. So without further ado, let's get started.
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