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2 hours 52 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome back to printing Security Intermediate Course. And at the end of this course, I'm going to do the short recap of all the learning you have been able to acquire during Listen to this course. So, uh, first you have learned what the printing device are and how they function.
Uh, in that sense, I explained to you that printing devices today are basically printing, capable PC's or computers. They have processes that memory they have hard rise on. They have operating systems. So basically they can be hacked like any PC,
even for the more they're more more vulnerable to attacks because they are usually not considered as a serious security risk
and the risks are real and visible.
Then I talked about what are the security differences between printers and of peas,
and later I explain to you what is happening when the printed that your documents or what is the process of printing?
How does it look?
Including in that section? I was talking about different ways to print on toe a network printer from PC, whether doing it directly or through server.
The reason why I didn't mention printing on a device connected to us bees because USB connected devices are by default, not the security risk, because they're not on the network, even if you have
network printing devices, so they're connected to an effort. But there, additionally, connected to USB.
Most of these devices then ignore the network. And if there you're connected to use B and even if they don't
all the other things can. Regarding printing from network apply to these devices. But they USB printing is not a security risk, so it's not covered here.
And then I talked about PD else. Page description, languages where they're important, which are what what is their history? What are the most common ones used
And also I have been talking about different levels off damage that can be done with different P deals.
Uh, then I have been talking about types of attacks that exists regarding printing devices and what the collectors can be used to her CA printing device.
After that, what types of attacks exists on printing devices, what the tech directors can be used to hack a printing the rice
and what are the best practices for general protection of printing devices?
And in the end, I was doing the specific methods for protecting innate some type of attacks. So not all of them, just some rich are the most important ones.
And I just want to thank you for listening to this course. And I hope that you have learned a lot regarding printed by security and also that you're now capable off protecting your netter network if you're in the position of that against being hacked using printing devices.
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