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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Cyberia Intermediate Data Security Course I'll be your instructor, Dustin Perry,
in this video. I'll give you a brief introduction to myself and explain kind of what this course is going to go over. I'll go over a brief definition of data security, and you really can't mention data security without the C I. A. Triad. So let's get started.
There isn't really any prerequisites for this course, really. You just want toe, have that desire to learn, and you'll do great.
So a little bit about me get my name's Dustin Perry. You can reach me on Twitter at Perry, underscored Dustin.
I currently work is a network security engineer, and I've got quite a few courses here on Sai Buri, including physical pen testing, fishing and a few basic security courses, which you should definitely check out.
I've been a 90 for over 10 years and been doing Security is my primary duty for about the last four years,
got a lot of Sirte's bachelors and I see security from WG you the regular comped, he asserts. A Plus net plus Security Plus project plus Lennox plus couple Cisco searched as well, including the Ccnet, Ccnet security. And then I've also got theater. Met the requirements for the Info sec +4011
There are going to be a couple of supplementary materials available for this course. I'm gonna ask if you quiz questions as we go through, and then a study guide will be provided as well.
This course is for anyone that wants to meet the requirements for a cyber network technician. But more importantly, it's for anyone that wants to advance their career and move into the network cybersecurity field.
Quick quiz Are you know a little bit about me and some brief info about this course? Let's go ahead and grab your papers. Pens, whiteboards. It's quiz time.
Just kidding, of course, but we are going to start out with just a quick pre assessment to kind of gauge where everyone's at and give you a little more insight into what you'll be learning in this course.
So Number one. What is data security?
You just a second to think about what data security means to you,
so the actual definition of data security is day. Security is the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout the data lifecycle.
What is the CIA triad?
And this doesn't have to do anything with the certain three letter agency.
It's something that's definitely important when it comes to data security. And that's the confidentiality of the data, the integrity of the data, which means that it hasn't been changed in the availability. So if someone wants to access that data, it is available when they need it.
Like the great Michael Scott once said, I understand nothing.
I hope I'll be able to change that for you with this course.
So in this course we've got a few learning objectives. The 1st 1 we're gonna go over his knowledge of the payment card industry or PC I data security standards.
After that, we're going to go into knowledge of ah ph I or personal health information and the data security Sanders that go with that.
And last, they were going to go into knowledge of P I or personal, personally identifiable information and the data security standards to go along with that
before we get started on the different compliance standards and organizations. Let's go ahead and talk about what data security is when we kind of mentioned that a little bit before. But data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its life cycle.
Data security includes data encryption, token ization, key management, the practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.
So why is data security important
organizations around the world invest a ton of money in ah I T or information technology Cyber defense capabilities to help protect their critical assets, Whether you're protecting your brand intellectual property or customer information or the means for instant detection and response
to protecting organizational interests have three common elements, and that's the people
processes in the technology behind it.
Data security mainly focuses on three areas known as the CIA triumph,
and the C stands for confidentiality. Confidentiality is exactly that. Keeping the data confidential. This means that only authorized users can access the data at any time.
The I stands for integrity, and we briefly mentioned this before, but this means the data's integrity stays the same. In other words, there's no on offers, changes being made to the data,
and lastly, the A stands for availability, and this was pretty self explanatory. It means the date is available when it's needed
up. Next, we've got P. C. I
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