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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone.
Welcome to the DNs. Twist Fundamental scores by Cyber Re
My name is Dana Shock Itch, and I will be your host for this fun and hopefully exciting course. But before we continue, please alarming to tell a little bit by myself, as I always say in any of my security training sessions, I think it is my obligation to tell you who I am and what I do in I t. Just to prepare you for our Deanna's tweets journey. Better
as I have mentioned, my name is Dana Shortage. I'm a cybersecurity professional from creation Europe.
Professionally speaking, I have a systems engineering background. When I say I mean, I t I always point out that I'm not a programmer or developer, preferably a systems engineer. I grew up with switches, cabling, fireable sitter, verse, system rooms, data centers and so on.
My focus is on the human element of cybersecurity. Still, that human element always involves the technological component, which is our leading theme off this course about a tool called Dennis Twist.
Now that we have met, we can discuss the core structure with its details.
The first step is the course objectives by the end of this course, you will be able to understand what is the Ennis twist and how it works,
Understand who uses it and it What way
and for last you the tool. How to use the tool for defensive i t.
As always, my emphasis is on the defensive side of I t the good guys because you can really make a difference to use your knowledge and expertise to make the I two world a better and safer place for everybody.
Next 30 prerequisites which are needed to understand and utilise the knowledge fully which you will gain throughout this course with each. Requisite, I'll recommend courses from cyber reform which I think can only help you in developing your cyber career.
Students court Taking this course should have a nightie background with an emphasis on security. Here is a list of a few career paths from Sai Buri, which I would recommend taking to build a IittIe background.
Then there are the limit skill since the tool that we're going to discuss in this course is developed for Lennox environment. Here also two courses on cyber that I will recommend I can tell you from my personal experience. I'm not a linens guy, but I have gone through different Lennox trainings to better understand how things work in linens and, in the end,
how to use all the security tools for that operating system.
And for the less requisite, I have to mention python not the snake
but the programming language. And as I have mentioned that I'm not a programmer, knowing the basics off any programming language can only be a plus. And since we're involved in cybersecurity, bison is the right language. Python is very popular in the cybersecurity community because of its human friendly syntax, and he's a fuse.
It is a great and powerful language, and most of the security tools are written in that programming language.
Also, I encourage you to check out the different bison courses on Sai Buri.
The targeted audience for this course is almost everybody who's interested in this kind of tool.
Still, I would never down to I t technicians, administrators, engineers,
then pen testers. Actually, when pen testing is conducted, whose purpose is to identify security weaknesses in a company's system or its employees? Dennis Twist is one of the must have tools in a pen tester tool belt, and I also have to mention security awareness professionals because Dennis twists, the results
can be used as a great resource to train users for protection against
phishing attacks.
Let's have a quick look at the syllabus off this course, which is consistent off four modules. Module number one called Introduction
module number two, DNS Fist installation where we will go on configuring and setting the environment before using the tool than module number three called How to You the and His Twist, where we will go over a live demonstration off the tool. And, lastly, module number four Conclusion
with some final thoughts and suggestions where to go for your further studies.
Also, don't forget to check out the course materials in the resource step where you can find things like a glossary or a study guide in regard to Deena's tool. In this introduction of video number one, you got to know me,
your host for this course. Then we talked about the course objectives, prerequisites, target audience. We went over the syllabus and resource is section of this course. No, let us move on to our second lesson called Dennis Twist Introduction. So see you in the next video
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