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4 hours 25 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi and welcome to the module to quiz. Gonna take a quiz on everything we learned in module to which is our defense in depth module covering all of the different layers that we've gone over for the past nine lessons, I think. Now
let's jump right into it and see what you learned.
First question
which infrastructure security layer includes Dar encryption and DLP?
Is it the network layer the perimeter data or the application layers?
Answer C. It's the data layer the D should of gave it away. Dar stands for data at rest encryption and GOP stands for data loss prevention. Both of them have the D in it. They both work at the data layer.
Next question on I PS device needs to be blank in order to function.
Doesn't need to be out of band
in line, Ethernet powered or 802.1 X
Answers be in line. Remember we said I PS devices I p s stands for intrusion prevention system. So the P for prevention means it has to be in line in order to block I DS is the one that could be out of Band Aid. Go to that one X is is a knack protocol and Ethernet power to something I just threw in there just for
an extra answer.
Next question. Which is the best encryption choice for wireless networks? Is it W p. A. To weap
miter or pee pee tee Pee
answers WP a two as of today standards. WP a two weapons. The original wireless encryption type. It's no longer secure. Miter is an attack framework, and P P T P is a tunneling protocol used in VPN devices.
All right, it'll to that one. X or knack authenticates. Using which layer to protocol
is it pack sequel I. D s or eep
Answer is d eep extensible authentication protocol.
A pack is a ah pack file. We talked about PAC files. Those were involved with the proxies. Proxies use you number auto configuration. We consider our devices to be auto configured for a certain proxy pointed by pointing them to a pack file sequel is a database language and ideas. His intrusion detection system
which Dar method allows for granular encryption control Granular control Is it full disk? Double key are ESA or file level encryption
answers. D file level encryption. Remember when we talked about Dora's, his data at rest encryption. So we talked about when we talk about the Dar encryption section, we said that full disk and Cripps the whole disk, like for a laptop. That was to prevent people from stealing the device,
whereas file level encryption lets you get into
each individual filing and encrypt each one with different settings for each one.
And finally, which of the following tools uses data classifications to make blocking decisions?
Is an I. P s DLP firewall or E D. R.
Answers be DLP data loss prevention. Remember, data loss prevention can use those markings and data to determine where that restricted data is, and then it can contain blocking actions in your email or on that agent on the endpoint or in line through the proxy. I ps is intrusion Prevention system
firewall is ah, layer three blocking device or network device.
Ah, you operates it Layer three and four and e g. R is an in point detection and response tool that that lies on the end point and helps fight against anomaly based malware.
Okay, that wraps up our quiz for module to ah, hope you learned something that was the bulk of the course. Next up, we've got a quick module. It's module three. We're gonna talk about the different security models and how what we've talked about so far applied to those models.
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