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Video Transcription
Welcome back to CyberRays. This, of course. I'm your instructor, Brad Roads.
So let's talk about information systems, security engineer rolls.
So, in this lesson, we're going to look at potential roles you could hold once you achieve the Isett concentration.
Um, and then we're gonna talk about we're gonna look at an example, is a job posting because they're out there on def. You're interested in doing this kind of work, and this floats your boat. You probably should know what to look for.
So potential is it rolls? Well, obviously, you could be a cyst. Senior systems engineer. This is a systems engineering concentration. And so
you want to get this concentration toe, Hopefully, become a systems engineer for information security.
You could be on the assurance side.
So this is, uh, information assurance still exists. We sometimes forget about the fact that we have to secure our data.
This is one of the biggest problems we see in the industry today because so many breaches are about, you know, cloud problems. And really, when I say cloud problems, these air miss configurations where somebody left in s three bucket exposed from, say, amazon web services or pick a a storage solution as your, um,
Google Cloud. IBM's got it. Oracle. Any cloud solution that you're using,
um, those the you have to assure and make sure that you are actually configured. That's correct. That's what is its do, right? They go back and look at all the requirements for securing data on the information assurance side on. They help to do that. You could be an analyst. You could be looking at security analysts, a senior security analyst role in information assurance analyst role.
Those analysts roles are great because
they allow you to get into the meat and potatoes and the nuggets of the security controls for both data on actual systems. Security from a defense in depth perspective. So you definitely want to look at all these different potential roles and where this fits in because
demonstrating subject matter expertise as a information systems security engineer
is a really rare. There's not a lot of this. It's out there on. You definitely are showing a great skill set by achieving this concentration,
Um, here's an actual job listing for an ISI and information systems security engineer. I would like to note a couple things here one. It's great because here's what a job looks like. Here's the things that you would do. And so if you notice security, planning, assessment, risk analysis, risk management, all those things, all of the stuff we talked about in the use of domains air literally listed
in this
particular job posting, which is really unique, you'll note that this is dealing with requirements and needs statements. We're gonna talk a lot about need statements when we get to the ISI process module for the Department of Defense in the intelligence community. And obviously this is related to the U. S. Federal government, and that's okay, right?
But you will. You're starting to see these types of job postings available in industry because folks realize
that systems, engineering and information systems security engineering in particular, is not just a thing that we do in the government. It is also stuff that we need to do at a top level to build secure systems. Thean Internet today, from a business perspective, is reputation based on if you continually get reached, people aren't gonna buy your product. It's
pretty straightforward, but this is
again an idea of an actual job, posting three other thing I'll note on here is that Ah, lot of times is he's tend to have a lot of experience on DSO. If you don't have a lot of experience, that's okay,
that's okay. You are obviously going to continue to grow in this field. If you're here taking this course from Sai Buri on, this is a great place to get started.
So what we cover in this lesson we reviewed potential roles. You could hold with an ESOP concentration or and or do as an easy and information systems security engineer. And then we look at an example is related or issue related job posting so that you get a feel for what kind of jobs you might be applying for. After you achieve this concentration, we'll see you next time.
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