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Video Transcription
Now we move on to our next module, which is Module seven and looking at incident management. So it's a chief information officer. I have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So the last two chapters of this particular course,
they're gonna be looking at incidents and then with model eight, look a disaster recovery. So what if the unthinkable does happen?
So when we talk about incidents, these air shorter's in in nature and scope, smaller in nature and scope than a disaster and ultimately, you know, just to define an incident, the first definition we use would be an event.
So an event is a change in state, and it's neither positive nor negative.
So Deanna service started. That's an event.
Ah, this service shut down.
It's an event good, bad or indifferent.
But when you have multiple events that have a negative impact on the system or environment, that becomes an incident. So there isn't any inherent assumption of malicious nature, you know, were malicious intent with an incident.
But the bottom line is multiple events
come together and have some sort of negative impact on my environment. So it's up to me is a chief information officer to put the pot proper policies, procedures and guidelines in place so that we can respond to those events as quickly as possible and so that we can minimize disruptions on our network.
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