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3 hours 42 minutes
Video Transcription
so thanks for traveling with us and for completing your journey through the Sai Buri implementing a HIPPA compliance program for leadership. And this is our conclusion. Our wrap up our audios Well, we're gonna be throwing at you some of the next steps
for you and your career for governance, risk and compliance types out there. So it's been an adventure being your instructor through this course, and we reach for the moon to get to compliance. So we've been a little bit spacey.
There's been challenges and we fought through things like self assessments, risk assessments. And we've done a ton of remediation work to get here. And don't forget about all those hard open book, open note and open Google cyber quizzes we had to take. Those things were challenged and we did have a little fun clowning around in this course, but most importantly, as a leader, we won the compliance fight.
We just got into that ring with OCR auditors and knocks.
They're required and addressable controls on their key stir. But there are a few straggling items I wanna leave you with, so bear with me for a few 100 more slides because I am paid by the minute. Wait. Okay, really Just a couple more slides, because there are a few things I want to point out.
So if you're serious as a heart attack and you really want or need to get your arms around this material, it's time to clean your glasses and get your read on. There are three primary sources of material I want you to review. The HHS dot gov is a big one, where you can really see all the current rules and guidance around the hippest standards.
You need to put special focus on privacy, security breach, notification, compliance and enforcement
covered entities and business associates. And they have great learning modules on some or training that's available, and other resource is you can review. You really need to pull down from HHS, the Security Risk Assessment Tool, s. R A. And it's pdf walk throughs. Step by step on how to use it. Basically, the document will help you
perform your own risk assessment against the controls and an organization
So pretty great stuff, and you need to review hopefully carefully the control security matrix, which breaks down all the required controls and addressable controls and options on how you might address the requirements against your administrative, physical and technical controls and know your standards. Review. NIST Cybersecurity Framework CSF
853 The Big Best Practices Standard and the 830 risk Management Standard in the 866
which is a manual written by NIST on how to be HIPPA compliant. Read about high tech and high trust. So go get your learn on and really nail this stuff and be the expert and security guru we all know you can be. This industry needs you,
so I want to leave you with a little of my own personal life and career philosophy. And this incredible journey of ours always aspired to be a life learner and always share and teach others. It's always amazing to me in this incredible I t industry that were in that those people with giant inflated egos well, they don't last very long. People just can't stand them.
But the individual who is as high as a kite because they just learned a really great way to use python scripting and can't
can't wait to tell you about what those people that thrive and bring life into the network and the organization. Those are the people I try to hire and the people I hope with Ernest that I have the privilege to work for. Always be learning every day or this technology will pass you by. And technology has never traveled or advanced faster than it is right now. Always be creating
Makes it time to play your music,
right your poetry, paint your picture or sing your song. Creativity powers the soul. And if it's our soul that if it's developed, we will always be carrying of others always be willing and excited to share what we know.
So on behalf of all of us that Cyberia, this instructor, Catherine MacGyver Cyber, a manager of curriculum development, Counter Leak, Lightner CyberRays creator, community recruiter, the teaching assistants and the whole cyber a team Thanks so much for letting us share with you our vision of learning and mastery of this subject. Implementing HIPPA compliance for leadership
My name is Kevin Mayo. Find me on linked in Facebook and my blogged
were once in a while with the help of Graham early and certified technical writing professionals, I make a coherent sentence or two. And why is that? Because I've suffered way too many concussions playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky, at least in my head. So thank you. On behalf of all of us here at Sai Buri, we've really have enjoyed bringing you this course. We hope you've learned a few things
and we hope you had a little bit of fun doing it.
So take care, pleasant journeys and have a fabulous career in this amazing I t industry.