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Hello, everyone. And thank you so much for joining us. I'm coming to you from cyber ery at the University of Maryland and we're going to be discussing I see a scout of Fundamentals. My name is Chris, Rebecca
and my areas of expertise Arm, actually, a cyber warfare incident manager involving nation State attacks. And I operate out of the Middle East,
Uh, the European Union and Asia. Now, my background involves a lot of critical infrastructure security and looking at those very critical and fragile digital assets, I have a lot of experience in the oil and gas industry. I also deal with water, aviation and the nuclear industry.
Previous is setting up my company, Hypo SEC and the Netherlands. I headed the Aramco Information Protection Group and I was responsible for digital assets for I t I O T and I CS across a me A and Latin America.
Previous to a career as a civilian, I was a U S Air Force aviator and also in Space command for the U. S. Air force. Now the picture that you see over here, I started pretty early in what we now call cybersecurity. And as a 10 year old I got busted for breaking into the Department of Justice.
Oops! And now I am an ethical hacker and here to teach you all sorts of things.
My current roles are I am the founder and CEO of Hyper Sec. I'm also on the board, the advisory board for Sai Buri, in addition to that ideal in the maritime industry in the United Kingdom. And I'm on the advisory board for Cyrus in Serious Inside A I.
I'm also a subject matter expert for both. Google and I deal with Reporters Without Borders
and speak at the United Nations Internet governance forms.
I'm also a Europe whole. Subject matter expert German Marshall Fund subject matter expert. I advise parts of the U European Union. I also advise NATO and matters of cyber warfare as well as the German energy ambassador and just Teoh
make things fun. I'm also a poet for the UK House of Lords.
Now to get started for course introduction, we're going to learn some of the basics of ICI's protocols because they are different than protocols and I o. T. Protocols going to introduce you to what SCADA systems are. Some of the major risks and things that we should be looking for with icy S systems.
And you'll also receive C P E credits
four hours towards your certifications once you complete this course and you will get a certificate of completion.
So some of the prerequisites for this course are a basic understanding of TCP I p.
Basic understanding of remote management protocols. Aziz Well, as regular network protocols, because I see Escada also has to go over regular networking protocols for modern versions and
most of all, a curiosity about what I see s protocols. And I see a SCADA systems are
now. There are some optional and required course material, one of which is called Hack the World, with open source, intelligence gathering and hacking ice. He has protocols which will be coming out shortly, and those are optional, as well as
hacking Scott Industrial Control Systems by Christopher Atkins.
And there are a few free resource is which I highly recommend, and that is from a company called Chicken. They have mont deaths and back now for technicians available in a free e book format and the Mont Bus Protocol specifications, which is actually available free and online
so who should be taking this course. Anyone? A 90 Anyone who deals with Coyote because there's a lot of industrial Iot t that it's hooked up into I. C. S environments as well. I CS engineers, developers who handle these types of protocols,
electrical engineers and definitely digital security teams who have to incorporate thes different types of assets
into their protection groups.
Now, of course, objectives. We're going to discover ah, lot of commonly used icy has protocols and how they're actually used in production. Understand what the main in general differences between 19 and I CS technologies are and why it's a
quite a bit different between 90 and I CS because
I see a says availability is king.
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