HTTrack Lab Part 3

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2 hours 37 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we went ahead and installed R H T track tool,
and then we started our configuration process. Now we're gonna go ahead and finish our configuration in this video. So where we left off at, we had clicked on the set options button that opened up a pop up window force. And you'll see that in the background there. And that gave us some different tabs that we need to actually go through and configure some items on.
So by default that opens up us up to the proxy town.
A little stumble, in my words. They're so apologies eso it opens us up to the proxy tab and all we're gonna do in the box, there's just type the word proxy. And then if we need to, we're gonna type in 80 80. However, it should default in there for us in most cases.
So let's go ahead and do that now. So we're just gonna type in proxy in this box right here. So the proxy box and you'll see as I mentioned the defaults at 80 80 for us, so we don't have to worry about actually typing this in. Now, if it's not in there, we just have to go ahead and type 80 80 in there
before we move on. One thing I want to point out. If you noticed that the bottom left of this lab environment, there's a little auto log out option. Now this is basically a countdown timer, So even though you're doing activity in the lab, it's still going to start checking off time. However,
if you want more time, all you have to do and I do this a lot myself. Once it starts getting down in the 40 minute range,
I just click on it. You'll see it automatically re populate us back to 60 minutes, so you could virtually take as long as you want to in these labs. But just keep in mind that you want to make sure you click that because it's not going to save your progress in that particular lab if it locks you out, so just kind of f Y. I on that.
All right, let's go back to her lab dough.
So here we already had the 80 80 in there by default, so we don't have to do anything with that. Our next step, we're gonna click on the limits tab, so that will be the 3rd 1 to the right of the proxy one. So you'll see. It's this one right here.
We're just gonna click on that. And now what we're gonna do is fill out these top two boxes. So we're gonna fill out the maximum marrying depth and the maximum external debt. So we're just gonna type in there
and again. What we're doing here is we're basically just setting, like, how, How deep, like, how much of this marrying do we want to do? Essentially, Right. Like, how much of the website do we want? A copy? Because, honestly, you could copy. You know, say Google is probably not the best example. But, you know, you could copy, like, you know, a Shopify side or something like that.
And there may be multiple multiple pages and may take, you know, potentially could take hours to copy
eso for us. We're trying to keep a pretty short lap here, not take hours up on end. And especially since we're just copying an Internet page inside of the lab environment, we shouldn't take too long to do so
So that's why we're sending these numbers like that again. You can, uh, play around this tool, Seymour, and decide, you know, in in mere different websites out there. Now, of course, if your intent is malicious with nearing Web sites, you know, you may get to Cem, Cem, Harry areas with law enforcement. But if you're just here trying to practice and learn this skill to be a better
ethical hackers, who again, the key word with all
of my courses is ethical. So if you're doing the right thing, if your goal is to do the right thing, then you're in the correct location. So you could play around these tools and have some fun. I do recommend you set of virtual machines. We don't really cover that heavily. I know. I'd mentioned How did you know where to go to get virtual boxing? That sort of stuff at the start, of course.
But we don't actually go through configuring
virtual machines on different environments. So if you don't know how to do that stuff, we do have some courses that touched on it a little bit, but mostly just go thio, check out like YouTube videos and that sort of stuff to actually walk through different configurations because sometimes that depends on your particular hardware that you're using. For example, I used an old machine one time
that didn't support virtual ization. So even though I
turned it on to my bios, it still didn't matter, because the actual you know, hardware didn't support that. So just f Y I on those components there. So,
you know, use resource is that you have available to set that stuff up. If you're not familiar,
However, I really just recommend, you know, you do the cyber relapse. It's just makes life a lot easier if you get a tunnel laps, you know more than we even cover in this course. So Mr Goal is to be like a penetration tester. Or at least, you know, get the skill level of a pen tester than you know. I think you could get a strong foundation using the cyber labs, too.
Practice of different areas that we we go through
throughout these many courses that I'm doing now. Also, I want to mention that I do have a full, you know, sort of unethical, happier prep course on cyber already that you can go ahead and use to prepare yourself either for that exam or to gain a little better knowledge and broader knowledge in these particular areas.
So enough to aggression. Let's get back to our lab so we can stay on track here. So we went ahead and set our maximum nearing death in maximum external death. Again, Both of those were setting 23
Let's go back to our lab document. No.
So already do. Now, to save our change, we're just gonna click on the okay button at the bottom of our pop up box.
Let's go ahead and do that. No,
Our next step here is just clicking on the next button itself.
All right, we're gonna go back for a lab document. We just have one more step here. We're gonna click on the finish button, and then what it's gonna do is it's gonna actually run the tool for us. We're gonna notice that in the background running away now, it might take 20 to 30 seconds to complete. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna pause this video and I'll start this back up in the next video where we'll look at the results
of the of the mirror website, and then we'll take a look at this question right here is well, so let's go ahead and click the finish button and I'll get mine running on my site
again. Years might take one of your 30 seconds to complete. You'll see it runs in the background there. So I'm gonna go ahead and pause this video as I mentioned what we did in this video. We just finished our configuration and actually running the tool. And in the next video, we're gonna take a look at our results.
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