HTTrack Lab Part 1

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video we talked about Tool named Multi Go.
In this video, we're gonna use a tool called H T Track.
So when this lab we're gonna do is creating mirror of a website. So all we're gonna be doing essentially is copying the website
and we're gonna specifically focus on an intranet page.
So let's go ahead and get started. Now, I'm gonna do this lab inside of Saberi lab environment. However, you could actually down with this tool if you wanted to on your own machine or on your own virtual machine and go ahead and use it as well.
So let's get started here. So first things first, you should already be logged into cyber. That's kind of the only way you should be watching this course on step number two. We're gonna select catalogue at the top of the page. Now, I've already gone ahead and done that, so I have my search box on the left side here.
Now I'm using the older version of the website. If you use the latest version of the website, if that's what you're seeing as you watch this course, you should notice a search box in the very top of the page so you can go ahead and skip the step of using the catalog search.
Next up. Step number three here in our lab document.
We're gonna use the search box, and we're just gonna type in ethical hacking.
Now, this particular lab document is with all the others in the supplemental resource is. So if you wanna go ahead and download those, you'll see all the step by step guides that we have for you.
So you'll know this one. A tap in ethical hacking I can hit enter on my keyboard where I can just pause for a moment. And it should pull up the search results for me.
You'll see it pulls up everything with ethical hacking in the name or in the description. So, for example, like Kelly Lennox mentions ethical hacking in the description right here. All this digression. We're actually looking for this particular one right here. The certified ethical hacker C E h.
Practice laps.
So go back to our lab document.
So step number four here. We've located the practice labs, the sort of fine ethical hacker ch one
all we're gonna do now is just click on the starting Alban. So it's that green color button,
this one right here. And that's gonna go ahead and launch the lab for environment for us.
So it might take a moment of soda. Pull up here just usually takes a few seconds. As you see, it's already pulled up for us.
Now it's defaulted us into the newer ethical hacking environment. However, we actually want to go for this particular lab. We want to go back to the older version simply because of the tool that we're using. So the tool that we're using with 80 track we've actually got the execute a ble in the old version of this particular lab environment.
So let's go back to our lab documents. See, how do we actually do that?
So we see here on step six were in the lab environment. So again, we're in the newer one.
What we're gonna do is we're gonna click where it says back to practice laps here at the top. So here at the top left. So that's step number seven here.
We're to go ahead and click on that Now, once we do that, and it's kind of hit or miss on this, this next part. So once we do that, sometimes it'll drop you in to kind of a huge bucket, where you'll see Cisco and Microsoft and all these different labs, and they'll have to essentially search for the ethical hacking labs at the very top. So you don't have to search through all those other labs.
However, in most cases, what it does and I'm hoping that it does here is that it will default is to the correct location, so we don't have to do all that extra steps.
we potentially maybe skipping steps eight through 10 depending on
where it takes us once we click the back to practice laps option.
So let's go ahead and see. And again, there's no real correlation here. It's just something that I've noticed that occurs occasionally where it makes us look through the entire list of like Cisco, Microsoft and all those labs to finally get to our labs. But again, the majority of the time it works properly, and it will take us right to where we wanna find this other ethical hacking lap.
So what we're gonna do is Click back to practice laps of the very top left here.
You'll see what it does is it dropped me into the correct location. So there, as I mentioned in the majority of times and should drop you right in this area here, you'll notice that we have the C u S Dash E h dash ethical hacker. So this one up here and the one that we were just in is this one that's highlighted this practice laps ethical hacker.
So all we're gonna do is click on this very top one right here. So the c u S Dash e h dash ethical hacker.
Well, that's gonna take us into that older environment that I mentioned.
All right, let's go back to our lab document.
So we see now that we did find R. C U S E h ethical hacker, we clicked on it, and that's taking us to where we see a whole bunch of different ethical hacking labs.
What we're gonna do now is we're gonna locate our hacking Web applications lab.
So if we go about halfway down on the on the list here, you'll see that we have hacking web applications now mine shows in progress simply because I've already started mine before. However, your should just show hacking Web applications.
So we're gonna go ahead and click on that. And then we're gonna click this start button at the very bottom
that's gonna actually open up the lab for us and not what you're going to see is all these different virtual machines here on the left side.
We're gonna go ahead and turn on all of our virtual machines. Now, we're not gonna use all than in this lab, and in fact, we're only using one of them.
But we want to turn them all on just as a good muscle memory building activity. Because as you do more labs, you'll want to turn on more machines simply because you're gonna be using those machines.
So the way we turn all these on it, so we just hover our mouths over top of each one. You'll see Now, once we do that, it gives us a power on option. What is gonna go ahead and click on that?
So we'll do that exact same process for all of these.
We'll just cover our mouths over top of them, will see a power on button, and we just press that
just one more here. Now, it does take a few seconds for these to pull up on, and I think that's a perfect time to go ahead and pause this video. And in the next video, we'll pick back up again. And what we're gonna do is actually install the application for our lab today and then the next in the next video after that will actually configure the tool
we'll run. It will create the mirror image, and we'll take a look at what we're actually
trying to find out.
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