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Video Transcription
Hello. My name is Dustin, and welcome to pen test basics scanning networks
and H Ming is a command line oriented T C P i p. Packet Assemble, eyes assembler and analyzer
h being consent Standard ICMP echo requests like just your regular pain, but it can also craft other packets and send TCP, UDP and ICMP packets as well.
It has primarily been used as a security tool by network engineers, but it also has a ton of uses like firewall testing, advanced sports scanning, advanced trace route, remote operating system, finger bring and various network testing using different protocols.
And because you can craft
so many different types of packets, H pain can be really good at evading firewalls or i P s intrusion prevention systems or intrusion detection systems.
So learn more about each thing you can visit hp dot org's.
It's really simple. It does come with Callie Lennox, and then you can also download it for other operating systems there as well.
So H Pink has a command line interface and a gooey interface as well. You can launch from the gooey
or just typing H Ping. It's actually h being three, and if you could do dash dash help that will list all the options available.
So cool thing h mean does to test your network is you can actually simulate denial of service attacks. And that's really easy to do with H Ping you th ping three dash I
you want dash capital s
dash p for port 80.
So if you were testing a denial, serves second like one of your Web servers and then the actual i p address. So it's really easy. It's a simile denial of service attack to see how protected you are against one.
If you try and scan the network, whether you use and map or maybe your own script to do like Quick ping sweep
and those requests are coming that blocked or not playing back at all, you can use h pain to kind of get around that. And I will demo that in the lab of the way you do that is H ping three dash s and then the area that you want a ping, whether it's ah, host or an I P address,
and in this case, we're gonna do Microsoft Dash P for port and 80 So let's go ahead and hop in our lab and will do just a quick demo of H ping.
Okay, so we've got our Callie Lennox machine pulled up. So we will launch
the terminal,
and we can do each being three dash dash help like that. This will list out all of the different options available. And so you can craft kind of any packet, which it could be a little intimidating because there's so many options. But if you just started the top, it goes kind of over some of the just the basic usage options.
you could do a packet count interval flood attacks, um, interface names. If you want to specify an interface, verbose is definitely good. If you'd like to get all of your results back like every single thing.
And then if we scroll down there's a couple of different modes you convey your standard i p mode with just the default. Sorry, it's TCP. The standard ry p motives Dash zero
or Dash dash ry p. You could do I see M p mode UDP mode in a scan mode, and so it kind of gives you examples of certain ones as well.
And then, if you like to spoof your source address, which could be really helpful on a network. You can do the dash, a command or dash dash spoof.
So if you wanted to simulate another host on the network or you wanted Thio set anything else up, you can do that there and you consent. It looks like random destinations. The timeto live, uh, different ideas. You can really do a lot with this tool. It's it's pretty complex,
So let's go ahead and try. Um, we'll see if the stores usually Microsoft
some say the H Ping three.
Use it a block pings. Let's And of course, it's not walking things right now. Of that's fine. If they were blocking pings, you can dio like I showed each being three dash s and then we would do Mike Stop
and it would allow that to go through. And I'm gonna try something wrong, But I wonder if it suggests a important meeting that they block. So let's go ahead
and see this
so they're actually allowing all things through. A Certain websites are certain hosts. Firewalls may block those ping requests, and this is a really easy way to get around it. And, like I said with each ping and can be a little complex if you're not used to command line or crafting packets just because it is all
command line,
it's just all command line interface, so it may be a little hard to use it. First, you can look up certain commands on Dhe. There's actually online generators, though kind of helped generate the command for you. You just kind of tell it what you're looking for.
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