How to Use DNSTwist: Overview

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33 minutes
Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome to the model Number three called How to Use the Innis Twist. As the Module name suggests, we're going to use the Deena's Twist tool. Now please allow me to show you where we are in the course with the course South Line Slide. As you can see, we're almost over. But not just yet.
In the first lesson of this module, we will cover rather to say we will demonstrate have to find fishing sites with Dana's twist by our domain name. Example as a target. After that, we will visit a couple of websites that offer Deanna's twist capabilities online. This option is far more limited,
but can also give you a good idea where to go next with your domain name defense strategy.
Now let us move on to the next video where we will use our already set up DNS twist door
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