How to Spot a Sock Puppet

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1 hour 56 minutes
Video Transcription
hi and welcome back In the last video, we went through a definition off a sock puppet with an interesting example for you to check out. I went through a few tips for creating your own, and in this video we will cover how to spot a potential sock puppet
answer to a question. How to spot a sock puppet. My answer would be only partial, and I will just give you a few tips on how to potentially spot one, because actually, it can be very easy. But sometimes if the puppet master is good, it could get very, very difficult.
Here are a few tips what or where to look If you suspect that profile is a fake one,
it is all about patterns. You could check logging times and post times. Do they correlate to each other and, if possible, check the log in I p addresses and with those to see from which service provider the activity is coming from. Also, you could check. Is the profile image real? Or was it to use somewhere else?
And there's a great tool for that called teeny located on
teeny dot com.
And as I have previously mentioned you could check tweets location, do the posts or tweets match with the person's relocation. For further reading, I would highly recommend check out machine learning in the context of sock puppets. Just Google those terms and you will find some pretty interesting things on the subject.
In this video, we went over a few tips. Have the spot a sock puppet, and in the next one we will do a module summary.
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