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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So you've completed a lab successfully. So great job on that. Hopefully, by now you've got a clear understanding of vulnerabilities as well as some really good hands on practice, running various vulnerability scans and doing the reporting
and this video. We're going to just wrap up the course.
So what do we cover in this course? We actually covered quite a bit. But some of the basic stuff we covered is vulnerability. Introduction. So we talked about what? Our vulnerabilities. Why are they important? Important? We talked about the risk assessment side risk management side. Do we even care about this vulnerability? Or is this something that our particular organization
isn't necessarily going to
have exploited against them? Because it's not that particular vulnerability doesn't really affect a critical business process, or we have so many layers of security in place that it just makes it extremely difficult for someone to exploit. We also talked about the vulnerability management lifecycle. We talked through different types of vulnerability assessment tools
as well as some common tools that are used like Ness's, for example.
And then we talked through CVS, CVS s and the national Vulnerability database.
So where do you go from here? Well, if you're still kind of, ah, beginner and trying to wrap your head around vulnerabilities are recommend on on Cyber, the Executive Vulnerability Management Course by Dr Nicky Robinson. It's a great course in a great way for you to understand from a leadership perspective.
Why do we care about what, like what a leadership individual in executive management is thinking about when they're looking at different vulnerabilities or they're they're looking at the reporting that you're giving them. So it just gives you another perspective from not just a technical practitioner side, but from the more leadership side of what they're looking for. And that's gonna help you
position yourself better when you're doing that. Reporting in those meetings in the border and potentially with those senior leadership

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