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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone.
And yes, it's true what they're telling you.
This is the last video discourse. And the only thing I want to say right now is
congratulations. You've made it even with me. OK, I'll get serious. Now. If you could experience quote throughout this course, I would like to share another one for which I think is relevant to any kind of further, all simple investigations you may conduct.
It really doesn't matter if you're doing awesome for a government agency or just trying to find a suitable vacation. Stay somewhere using some of the ocean techniques we have mentioned.
Historian Mr Yuval Noah Harari wrote Quote. In a world alleged by relevant information, clarity is power end quote. I think that this quote represents what is ozen all about? Extract data, put it in the right context and finally make decisions based on that information,
open source intelligence could easily leave. You feel scary and insecure because when you look, how much information could you find online Onley about yourself throughout this course, or maybe already did find it, and without putting too much effort into it,
you start to ask yourself what is all this?
This is where things have the potential to get complicated, especially if you're a public person.
I always say that we are all at least a semi public persons just because of the Internet. It's a very interesting phenomena, probably a statistical fact. How human real life, where we are polite and try to be honest and fair to each other and so on. We get connected to the Internet
and everything changes rapidly in the opposite direction.
And here is where knowledge comes to play, which is available probably more than ever in the history of mankind. But we still are facing the same issues from the beginning of the human species
trust issues, authority, problems, militias, behavior and so on. All these issues are replicated or mirrored to technology.
This is not to lose hope or to start making some crazy underground bunker with no connections to the outside world. Rather, use that knowledge as an advantage, which could put you in front of any person who does not wish you well and wants to use that info against you like a hacker or some bad competition.
In my opinion, moving forward can be Onley done by learning.
I think joining different ocean communities and by networking talking with people you can really learn a lot. I won't show you a quote again, so you don't turn off this video. But I will just mention a great advice that I picked up in a book called 12 Rules for Life by Dr Jordan Peterson, he said, Assume that the
person you're listening to might know something you don't
and that's it. Combine that with networking and you will learn a lot. Also, you will probably find yourself in a situation which we could define is a gray area. Off wasn't, and it is best for you to check things through with the legal team or a lawyer, especially if you're working for a big organization or a company.
I really hope I give you a good starting point on going after your further Austin studies, because there are a lot of great resource is out there. Almost everything we have mentioned in this course I use it on a daily basis for my work.
Don't forget to check out all the helpful things in the resource section of discourse like this study guide and glossary, and be sure to take the quiz questions to check your knowledge and understandings off the ocean concepts we discussed
once again. My name is Tina Shock Ege and I would like to thank you for watching and learning about open source intelligence fundamentals by Sai Buri. And don't forget to check out other fantastic content here on Sai Buri.
Hope you had fun and as they said on the Seinfeld show, stay out of the deep end by everyone.