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Video Transcription
very hi, everyone. And welcome to the executive Vulnerability Management course. This is less of 1.1 our introduction.
So the prerequisites for this course you're gonna wanna have a general understanding of computer systems, information technology and security principles were going to be discussing I t and Security in here. Uh, you should be an I T security manager or a part of an executive management team.
You should also have a basic understanding of vulnerability management and associate practices. And we'll get a little bit more into that. As we go through this course, you should also have some familiarity with the special publications, specifically 853 or four, which we will also discuss,
as well as the mistress management framework and the Patch Management lifecycle
so high when he was Nicky Robinson. I am in I t security. I started an I t. Went into the security field. I specialize in risk and vulnerability management. I hold some industry certifications.
I love musical theater, yoga, running movies on my favorite movie is the labyrinth
on There's my contact information. If you want to reach out to me on lengthen, I'd be happy to answer any questions.
So some of the supplementary materials we're gonna have for this course
we're gonna have some case studies that you can review and look at ah, specifically around blue, keep Spectra meltdown and want to cry. I'm also going to be discussing Spectrum downtown. In this course, we're gonna have a vulnerability management quizzes while some questions. As we go through the course,
some CVS says scoring guides. That's that's gonna be a great way to get some other supplementary material about,
ah, vulnerability. Scoring some patch management guidelines as well as what I discussed. The SP 853 a 837 and 800 won. 37 Those NIST guides. A swell as the federal information processing standards Phipps 1 99 and 200. There's we're all gonna be relevant here.
So the target audience,
um, this is really meant for someone looking to understand vulnerable vulnerability management at an executive leadership level. So if you're you're struggling to understand what's going on in vulnerability management, why it's difficult. What's involved things course is gonna help you learn about that.
Um, do you have a basic understanding of vulnerability management, but you want to improve your practices.
A swell Azaz. Do you want to learn more about the challenges around patch management and how to overcome them? Then this is gonna be the right course for you.
So are learning objectives for this course, really, we're gonna be focusing on what vulnerability management is and how executive leadership can improve practices around vulnerability management in the organization.
We're also gonna be talking about what the patch management life cycle is and how important it is to Dealey business practices.
And then we're going to talk about in each lesson how executive leadership can support both i t. Insecurity to streamline vulnerability management. So we're gonna be talking a lot about increasing efficiency on improving practices within the organization.
And that's the end of less than 1.1. I'll see in the next lesson
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