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1 hour 53 minutes
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come to the end off the weep and use a VPN security course.
So in this course, Aziz, you see, we're a model five. Which is this The recap of the course. And you just have to get the certain certificate of completion to finish this course.
So let's do the recap of the entire course. So what you have been able to learn you have learned three important things what the VPN is. So what is the history of BP and why did it, uh,
existed? Why doesn't exist anyway? So what was the read? It would for the reasons for
making BP and exist, Which was that the the geographic complexity off the company's grew over the capability of fusing leased lines. Also, leased lines were not suitable for people working from comb
and working from home was very, very important thing.
Big became very important thing around year 2000 2005 something like that.
Then, in next module, you have learned about how weepy and work. So what the technologies are that support the function functioning of VPN? What are the types of BP and so that
we have different types of classifications for is based on how are they implemented and second based on their usage. So,
like three times remote, more bile and peer to peer or site to site VPN.
And then I have focused in the third module off, or the final module of this course about end users and how Kinden used VP and services that their commercial VPN services on the Internet on the available on the market to may
sure that they are
everyday usage of PC while they're on online is safer.
So this is all about this course, and I hope you have learned enough and made you interesting that you would want to learn more about BP in Thank you for your time and good bye.
End User VPN Security

In this course, students will learn the history of VPNs (Virtual Private Network) and who needs to use a VPN. This course will also teach students about the different types of VPNs and the hardware that is needed to implement VPNs.

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