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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to end user Mobile security. Course.
Uh, I'm your instructor. My name is Milton Judge. I might be security consultant with 25 years experience you 99 years experience United Security. I have also bean 80 journalists for nine years
by professional mechanical engineer, but have moved in i t quite a long time ago.
And in my private time, I like the good wine I like to cook, And if you need to contact me after looking at this course, you can use the email address below.
So this course is meant for
pretty much anyone using mobile devices. So if you're advanced user is for your I T security expert, you can still look at it. But for general users, even for professional users who are not 80 savvy
uh, this can be very, very interesting course that can give you some good insights in how to protect yourself on using mobile devices. So for interns, for individual contributors for managers of general PC owners, even small business owners,
So in this course, you will be able to learn about why's mobile device security is so important.
Then what are the ways that your
mobile device can be compromised in in how and and where.
Then, if you're working for a company and you have corporate company issued a corporate issued mobile phones, so you're using it for business. You can learn about who is responsible to take care of mobile device security.
And in the end, I'm going to give you some advice. Is on how to secure your mobile device. I'm not going to talk in this course about the professional side of securing mobile device. You just going to be the talk about general responsibilities of different drink people in a company.
So this is the end of introduction, and in next lesson, you will be able to learn a bit more about importance off mobile device security. Thank you.
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