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3 hours 39 minutes
Video Transcription
Welcome to module 3.11 Education and awareness
during this module will discuss common methods and concerns
and it will review privacy training resources,
so some of the common methods with education and awareness. Our classroom training online learning through streaming and videos and websites, much like you're doing right now through cyber very poster campaigns, booklets, workshops, Gamification, mobile apps
and certification training for key stakeholders. I'm certainly a fan of Gamification if you have not research that you certainly should for your users, I find it's a very effective way to help users make decisions about privacy related matters in a safe environment and certainly pursue certification training for members of your privacy program or for yourself too.
Can continue on your educational pursuits and your career pursuits. I'm a big advocate for that privacy is not going away, so it's a great opportunity to certify uh in this space,
points of caution in regard to education awareness. Equating education with awareness I think is a mistake that some folks make. Their equally important education is the process of training someone invalidating what they know and awareness is the continuation of reinforcing what was learned or taught
throughout the educational process
using only one communication channel. I think it's also something that should be avoided. Consider a website, a blog post pushing out content through email, whether it maybe it's a list serve or maybe you've got an app that you used to share information. Uh I think it's important to consider
what internal and external stakeholders need in regard to how you educate and make them aware of your
privacy program, a lack of effectiveness. Uh their measurements of your of your efforts is also something that I think a lot of folks should do a better job of to ensure that what you're doing actually is moving the needle in a positive direction
for improving your privacy program and whether or not whether or not your message is actually being received and last eliminating either education awareness due to budget concerns, I think is also the the big point of caution I'd like to make here. Uh you know, some of you just starting out
may not have considered adding education awareness. If you went through module to
here, we talked about strategy and including education or awareness and awareness within your program is certainly something that is highly recommended for the effectiveness of your program long term.
So here's some resources here that are available online for free. One of the privacy professor Rebecca Harold, very nice person. She is based in the United States and she has a lot of infographics articles and she's a published author on privacy. She also gives a lot of presentations. She has a just a plethora of information available on her website. I would strongly encourage you to search up her name or the privacy professor and scope that out to help with your education awareness programs.
Um also Professor Daniel Solove is a uh with the founder of teach privacy and he has a lot of humor here on his website that you can use to really reinforce privacy related matters in a very funny and humorous way, but in all seriousness, his
his resources are very effective. He is,
he is known to be at the top of the privacy game from a resource standpoint, so I certainly encourage you to include what he puts out
to the public to help bolster your education and awareness. Uh there's also on the right here privacy rights clearinghouse is just one example of a repository of information about
past breaches that can be researched to help you either build a case for why you need privacy or why you need to maybe expand on a certain initiative to prevent a risk or to mitigate the risk associated with certain types of,
of privacy related
Uh, there there are other clearinghouses or other repositories that may be in your part of the region that are specific to your regulation, that might be in your area. So I certainly encourage you to search those up or ask your network about any repositories that they trust.
Some tips here, uh, to help you with your education awareness of search of associations and publications related to privacy is something that uh, there's plenty of them out there and there's some good ones and and there's some other ones that are just up and coming, but certainly make sure that you're affiliated with some of these or you're on some of these
publications to help you keep up to speed
what's going on out there so you can relay that information and continue to update your education awareness programs.
Also talk to privacy vendors about your education awareness initiatives and you may be thinking well, you know, they just want to try to sell me something and sure vendors are out there to uh, you know, obviously sell their products or solutions, but many of them do a wonderful job of providing some really good resources out there
to help you improve. And maybe you're using some of their software, maybe some of their tools. And and if you let them know about your education awareness initiatives, they may be able to provide you some wonderful feedback on how to improve
your education awareness initiative. So don't be afraid to reach out to privacy vendors
also, it's important to check the regulatory in government websites for resources uh you know, for me to list them out here in this section would be onerous, it would be uh probably very tedious for you to go through all those links and again, going back to your strategy of what regulations really matter to you. Some of them may not be relevant. So it's important to make sure you do the due diligence when you find out, there's a regulatory body that oversees regulation that has to do with privacy in your area or the areas of area of your consumers and constituents. It's important to make sure you check out those websites for some really good resources.
I think it's important to note here too, and I have to say this is not my office, this is a stock photo, I wish it was. It looks beautiful. Uh
people are working from home now, especially during the pandemic. So so you really want to take into consideration uh the remote training and remote education awareness aspects of your of your program. So maybe talk with your current trainers, your HR departments
uh and and talk to your committee about some really creative ways to get training out.
Yes, we talked about online training, but awareness can certainly uh you know, take a hit here with people working from home. You know, the effectiveness of posters and and other booklets and things that are held in hand may be difficult to to disseminate out
to people who are working remotely. So just have that as a consideration
when you're looking at improving or building your education awareness program.
So quick question. Education awareness about a privacy program is not a top priority.
Well, the answer to that is of course false. It should absolutely be a top priority and it should be part of one of the founding elements of your scope when you're putting your privacy program together.
So in this module we discussed the methods and comments, misconceptions about education awareness, and we also reviewed examples of training resources, and we need to find additional information.
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