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This module will explore further into the basic malware dynamic analysis. We'll be demonstrating this using a malware called IllusionBot that has been downloaded from the Github website. A useful tip for Linux virtual machine, particularly Kali, is to change the settings for the display if the VMware tools don't automatically resize the interface. You'll learn about the various tools that are used for the dynamic analysis such as CaptureBAT, inetsim, netstat –untap, servicebindaddress. We'll begin with the identification of certain network indictors. We'll also discuss about other tools like Process Explorer which is like a powerful task manager, and is similar to Process Hacker. Process Explorer allows us to watch the processes very closely. You'll also learn about Autorun and the different files types it has.

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Intro to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

In this course you will learn how to perform dynamic and static analysis on all major files types, how to carve malicious executables from documents and how to recognize common malware tactics and debug and disassemble malicious binaries.

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Sean Pierce