Documents that an ISSE Should Know

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All right. Welcome back to CyberRays. Yes, of course. I'm your instructor, Brad Roads. So let's look at the documents that an ISI should know.
So we're gonna talk through the necessaries again. We're gonna highlight the IATA.
All right, so that's the information assurance Technical framework.
Now we're going to talk about the CBK, the common book of knowledge.
So in this series, we just went through. But it's important to look at them again. You should, as you're preparing for the use of concentration exam.
No, these guides, right? And I'm not saying to know them in extensive depth, but you need to go through them at least once
before you sit for the exam, because again, there's so many pieces of materials that can be pulled out of for the ESOP exam and a lot of those air coming from these guidances. Why? Just like everything else. The organization that puts together the C S S. P and these concentrations I see two, right, um
they utilize the new standards because
in general, there the best things going, So you need to be aware of and know the materials that come from each of these things, particular guides.
The I added the information assurance Technical framework written by the National Security Agency in 2002. Yes, it is an older reference.
You should be aware of it. You should also study these two particular chapters. Thes will help you. These will give you ideas, insights, context for the, uh, Theis up content in particular. Um, the vast majority of what we see in terms of ISI processes today are found in Chapter three
information systems, security, engineering process. That's where a lot of that material comes from.
You know, the needs,
right? All the way down to assessment comes directly from that guidance
and then last but not least is Is there a book? Yes, there is a book. It is the book pictured here. The official I see Guide to the CSS psf CBK It is very old when I see very old. It's 14 years old,
Aziz of the publication of this course,
Um it has not been rewritten. There's a single version of it. A single edition of it. Um it is still the best thing going for studying for the C. S S P s IP exam. Um, there's still copies available you could get a new copies used copies at various booksellers, but I highly encourage you to get
this particular book.
Um, and I would also note that one of the things that's great about this book is it's got sample exam questions at the back of it now. These may not be the most up to date exam questions, but they will get you into the context off how questions were asked on the S A P exams. So you definitely, definitely want to have a copy of this book in your study.
And also it's a great book as a reference on your shelf
as an ISI.
So in this lesson, we looked at the next series. We talked about the I add up again and highlighted the chapters of Import. And then we talked about the fact that if you're studying and are honestly going to sit the use of concentration exam, you need to purchase the official guide book. Even though it is a bit old,
we'll see you next time
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