DNSTwist Installation: Overview

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Video Transcription
Welcome to the module number two called Dennis Twist Installation.
First, please allow me to show you where we are with the core South line.
As you can see, we're about to start with the hands on part of the course. And now let's look weak over me. What are we going to talk about in this module?
We will cover the installation part of Vienna's Twist tool on the popular cybersecurity operating system Kala Lennox, which with you're probably already familiar with. And after that we will do the same installation only we will do it on the A bundle in X. Maybe your accident yourself. Now, why not to use only Kala Lennox?
My own preference for the not preinstalled tools in Cala Lennox is to use a separate of bun to flavor off Lenox Onley because I have better control over the environment and the privacy questions that could come up while using it.
Don't forget to use a VPN connection if possible. In the next video, we'll go over the installation of the DNS tool on the cat Lennox. See you there
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