Module 7 Summary

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4 hours 39 minutes
Video Transcription
here are lesson 7.6, which is the summary of this module, and we've actually reached the end of the major content here. So I'm just gonna kind of wrap up what we learned in this module before wrapping up the whole course.
They looked at tools, activities for operation monitoring and all the concepts around there that really trying to get you thinking about what you need. And we looked at the rasp and the software composition analysis again within the rasp, running in the tool as a extension of the I s
and then demoed it as well so you could take a look at that.
It has filed up with finalizing the OAS def SEC ops maturity model, looking at the operations and monitoring portion of that,
giving ideas about the different levels on how you can really think about maturing your deva deficit. Cops within operations monitoring.
I talked a little bit about continuous monitoring security capabilities, you know, Web application, firewall, centralized log collection, all of us, those concepts that again, you need to think about for in the operations in the monitoring of your application
and then followed up with some continuous monitoring capabilities. Talk about the tools. Some of the C N. C F projects talked about Falco and Prometheus and had a couple screenshots from primitive showing how you can monitor
not just your application, but the important components. So even like with Jenkins anything like that. So it's important component when you're looking at making sure things are up, especially or even your security tools, making sure having some metrics available so that you could monitor and proactively
assess the stability of your environment.
There's a quiz which tool was best suited for protecting the ex filtration of P I.
Is it? Did you loss prevention, centralized logging or not use?
So this Some of these, uh,
ideas may I have the ability or some of these tools may. But the best answer here is digital loss prevention. It's a software which monitors potentially sensitive information such as credit cards. P I. I am in blocks traffic containing the data. That's assuming that you have an active DLP that actually blocks it.
There's some there's some passive ones out there that lets you know at that point
it may be too late, but sometimes it's better than not knowing at all.
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