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9 hours 41 minutes
Video Transcription
I welcome the module nine. This is less than 9.1 development review in module, and I We're gonna be doing a lot of review All the concepts that we covered in this course and the first concept we're going to discuss his development
in this course we used level, which is a framework to track our database design.
So if we go through these bullet points, we could see that we can easily Reince stan She ate a database from scratch, so level tracked aren't resigns in files. So Reince Tansi eating that design was is easy is entering a command on the command line to rebuild the database.
This helps exposed design problems,
avoids the problem of not knowing the design. Because if there's no design tracking in place, then you have to investigate yourself, and you have to look pretty deep into the database to figure out where things are connected and where the designs coming from. Whereas if you know it's gonna be in a file structure, you know exactly
where to look and what it means.
So files are the truth and exposed the design.
You implement the database seeding via frameworks, so this allows you to thoroughly test the database design against fake data. You can identify poor design problems. Early
manual attempts doing the same thing are typically air prone, lengthy to implement and may take much longer. So you definitely want to take advantage. Advantage of programs that assist you in the development and design process, such as the level framework with its cedar library.
In addition, we used a virtual ization. Stauffer, called Bagram Vagrant, works with virtual box. This speeds up the development environment set up. This can be shared. So if you have a good vagrant file that really establishes your development environment,
you can give that file to another developer and get them up to speed very quickly.
And this avoids conflict with host machine settings. Win developing in addition to speeding up sharing that development environment. So that has been a review of the development covered in this course. There's not gonna be a summary slide for this, because really, this lesson is a summary
of the development portion of this course. So that completes this lesson, and I hope to see in the next thank you
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