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My name is Ryan. Good afternoon and thank you guys for joining today.
We're gonna be going through optimizing on boarding and driving new higher success. But before we get started, I want to quickly go over a few housekeeping items.
Today's webinar, scheduled for 30 minutes exactly and will include a product walk through
to ensure we're able to cover everything on our agenda. All participants will be muted. You can still submit questions via the Q and A box, and we encourage you to do so throughout the Webinar.
We'll address questions via the chat function and in the dedicated Q and a portion of today's program.
This webinar is being recorded and we plan to share out the link with you in the next few days.
Today's Webinar will be led by Sauron Berglund. Sauron is a senior account executive here at Sai Buri. He partners with leaders from small and medium sized businesses up to the Fortune 1000 toe help find the right solution to develop their team cybersecurity skills, earned critical industry certifications,
reduce on boarding time,
improve retention and achieved their specific strategic objectives.
Soren brings experience working with organizations in financial services government, health care, retail and many other industries.
We're very excited to explore today's topic because we know it's a common pain point that many of our customers are looking to address as they finalized their re sourcing and hiring plans for 2021. So without further ado, I would love to hand it over to Sauron to run you guys through today's agenda.
Absolutely. And thank you for the introduction. Ryan, I'm thrilled to have you all here with us and really excited Thio truly Dr Today's discussion now just to, um, run through the agenda really quick. I want to start brought by providing a little background on Cyber Eri who we are and what we dio
next. I'm gonna talk about skill gaps as it pertains to the industry as a whole
and why having an effective on boarding process is so important.
Then I'm going to explore some of the common pitfalls a mistake's organizations make as it relates to on boarding. And finally, I'm going to share our approach for overcoming these challenges. Um, toe optimize your on boarding process and drive meaningful outcomes for your organization.
So at this at the end of the Webinar, you're gonna be able to learn how to create a consistent
and scalable on boarding process, utilize assessments to understand competencies and find skill gaps, as well as deliver personalized role based learning experiences and measure new hire development.
So psy briefer teams is the leading cybersecurity workforce development platform and what exactly does that mean? So it means we help organizations close to cybersecurity skill gap and build a security enabled workforce equipped to meet modern threats.
We also combine the engaging courses from experts in the field with secure browser based virtual labs, which enable your team to really work through real world scenarios and get hands on with the latest tools and technologies to drive their skill development.
So we've earned the trust of organizations around the world. In fact, 96% of Fortune 1000 employees from the Fortune 1000 currently used on develop their skills on Sai Buri.
Now, our recent Skills Gap survey revealed that 65% of I T and security leaders believe skill gaps are negatively impacting their teams effectiveness.
We find the root cause for skill gaps within team stem from one or many of the following
one not being able to attract the right talent.
Number two. Not having a reliable process for getting new employees
up to speed
and not having a plan to help employees understand how they can grow and ultimately not being able to keep your best talent.
So we typically see that skill gaps manifest themselves in a number of different ways along the employee journey from step one recruiting, you know, step to on boarding and coming down through Career Path thing and career planning.
But today I want to focus primarily on on boarding, as you can see with a stat above. It typically takes eight months for a new hire to reach full productivity.
Now, before we dive in, Um, I wanted to open up our first poll question just to learn a little bit more about your organization and your on boarding process.
So pull question number one.
How long does it typically take for your organization Thio to get a new hire toe full productivity.
So, um, very interesting to to see these results, and I want to thank everyone who participated,
so it looks like it takes organizations about 7 to 9 months about 46% of the people here who voted voted for 9 to 7 months.
Right? And we know on boarding is important for a number of different reasons. But here are the reasons we find to be most critical.
Number one. You know, this creates excitement for your organization. On boarding is an opportunity to get new hires, excited about joining your organization and a chance to start building momentum
engagements also high. You know, channeling this excitement and enthusiasm is key to setting the stage for a new hires experience.
You know, it also helps them to understand their role in and your expectations and to prepare them to hit the ground running.
Typically organizations with on boarding processes that failed to capitalize on this level of engagement and excitement. They risk having new hires, you know, they were looking for new jobs within just a couple of months. In fact,
Glassdoor found that a strong on boarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%.
Number two. You know it's an opportunity to identify skill gaps early on
in cybersecurity. We know highly qualified professionals are in high demand. The reality is it's difficult to find that unicorn perfect candidate for a given role, which means that almost every new hire will likely have some knowledge, gap or skill deficiency. Um, that's that's related to the role that they're filling,
you know, on boarding is the perfect time to surface those gaps, and
you can determine specific growth areas and training that will be beneficial in helping them effectively execute their role. And number three, you know, it also helps to get new hires prime for success, you know, finally, on boarding is important because it's an opportunity to get new hires positioned
for success in their new roles, and I touched on this earlier. But
it enables you to educate them on your team, your function and your customers or clients.
You're also able to share policies, procedures and, most importantly, best practices
and by defining their role and communicating your specific expectations, uhm and assign relevant training or learning opportunities
makes it so that you're able to ensure that they're equipped and prepared to tackle day to day challenges,
you know. But this shouldn't be viewed as a one time deal on Boarding simply initiates the process of nurturing new hires into highly skilled and productive employees.
Um, I want to open another poll question up
for you guys really quick. This is I think there's three here today. What is the biggest on boarding related challenge to your organization that your organization is facing? So it looks like the majority. Um, and it was it was a close tie. But Majority 32% said on boarding doesn't confirm new higher skills, which
that that seems to be a very common
I mean,
um, challenge.
And in working with our customers, we know organizations think about on boarding, but it can be a time consuming process and require a high level of effort on boarding in. This industry requires new hires toe learn new technical skills in addition to learning their new organization and roll.
But in terms of the most common issues we see, um, number one on boarding is just too short. We know two or three weeks is just not enough. Actually, Onley 37% of organizations extend their on boarding programs beyond the new hires first month
and studies have shown that employees whose organizations have longer on boarding programs
gain full proficiency faster than those with short programs
Number two on boarding just isn't engaging right. 58% of organizations say that their on boarding program is focused on processes and paperwork. And I don't know about you all. But for me, um, that's just not the recipe for getting me excited to join a team and ready to hit the ground running
right. And number three, you can't confirm new higher skills. Organizations and managers don't have a good grasp of a new hires capabilities.
You can't communicate area. They don't communicate expectations right. 60% of companies fail to set milestones or goals for new hires. And let's be honest, you know managers don't really have the time to hand hold and answer questions along that new hires journey
and last but not least and building off the proceeding point on boarding is often viewed as a compliance exerciser checklist item, and it's not role or function focused.
And this is why on boarding programs are typically ineffective in driving operational readiness, which last but not least leads me to a third poll question, I think, and that's gonna be which of the following capabilities would make the biggest impact on your current on boarding process
Looks like pretty close. Very close. UM, looks like 40% of the individual said the ability to provide job related training Awesome.
And so now that we have, we've talked about the problem. I just want to discuss the solution.
The first step is validating new higher skills, and this could be accomplished in a couple different ways.
You can leverage targeted skill assessments to understand a new hires, core competencies and identify skill gaps from Day one. You can also incorporate hands on training or learning opportunities that force new hires to apply their skills and demonstrate their ability to perform on the job.
Um, the next step is to personalize their learning right. Provide a learning opportunity that is tailored to specific roles, skill sets and experience levels.
You know you can empower new hires to develop job related skills by providing an engaging learning experience. Um, that enables them toe, learn how they learn best by, you know, leveraging courses, tools and resource is created by experts in the field with real world experience
and who have actually filled these roles before.
In the final step, we need to measure their development,
understand how your new hires air progressing and determine if there are other areas for development. You know, having this level of visibility will grow confidence and enable you to you know, no one. A new hire is ready to take on more responsibility
Now that we went through that I do want to share a little more on House Library brings these concepts to life. So with further do, I'm going to get into the platform. I'm gonna start here on our brows page.
So cyberia for teams brings the collective knowledge of the cybersecurity industry's top experts in leading organizations. Which most exciting is that our network continues to grow, which allows us to move quickly and provide timely content to help our customers stay ahead of the threat landscape that's continuing to change.
You know, we're covering a broad range of topics and skill areas like penetration, testing, incident response, digital forensics, cloud security with career path or career past that provide role based learning opportunities to boost confidence.
Right? Virtual labs to help get really hands on experience
your certification prep courses to develop subject matter expertise,
you know, skill assessments to measure knowledge and skills
in certification exams to ensure that your team's readiness to pass on any any of these tests
and this is all on one comprehensive platform where it's accessible at any time, anywhere you know, right from your browser.
But this is just one piece of the puzzle
I wanna go over here on the left hand side. Um,
and now let's just imagine really quick that I'm a sock manager and I've brought on a new Tier one or Level one analyst, right. My team was short staffed, and we were really struggling to find the right candidate,
and we ultimately made the decision to go ahead and hire Mary Smith.
Mary Smith, knowing that we need to skill her up is more of a junior level, more of a junior level. But as a manager, ensuring my team is equipped to tackle day to day challenges is hard. But it's imperative that I get married up to speed and operating at a high level as soon as possible.
And to do this effectively, I need to better understand Mary's skill sets
right. So with Cyber Eri,
I can go ahead and assign her a role based assessment to baseline her skills and determined specific areas for development.
This allows me to know where to focus her learning and determine what specific training she needs. For this example, it looks like we want to focus more on developing Mary's security fundamentals, since she is just a novice in that area.
And, you know, if I wanted Thio, I could even have done This is part of our hiring process in order to validate a candidate skill set, because Cyberia offers that level of flexibility
now moving on to the pathways
over here. You know, now that I know Marius skill set and where there's room to grow, I can now proceed with providing her a personalized learning plan. Now our career paths are pre built learning plans that are
Taylor to common work rules, as you can see here, curated by experts in the field and aligned with industry standards like the Nice Cybersecurity Framework in the D. O. D 81 40 previously 85 70.
now we understand that people learn differently,
right? Which is why we enable your team toe learn how they learn best by offering, you know, video based courses all on demand, followed by virtual lab environments,
different assessments and practice exams. You also have the ability to customize this career path as well, Right? You have the ability to customize this this pathway by removing any items, dragging and dropping in order that makes sense. Um, for Mary, you know, this is where you can tailor to marries
skill sets or, even more broadly, your team's needs.
And this kind of enables you to ensure what your teams that your team's learning is is always relevant.
Now, if we wanted to go back and assign this pathway to marry, we can do that simply by clicking this assign button here.
Now our career paths are all I'm structured, consistent and engaging learning experiences that,
you know, keep your team focused on what matters most. And the best part is you don't have to do this all by yourself.
You know every cyber reefer Teams customer has a dedicated are dedicated customer success manager that works with a content engineer who will help create, maintain and update your past based on your requirements.
Um, and then they're also gonna be able to curate relevant learning resource is and even assign them to specific team members, as we just did here.
Now, after assigning the career path right, our platform gives you the visibility. How Mary is learning, how how Mary is learning and progressing.
So this also helps you uncover where further development may be needed.
Um, having this level of insight will enable you all to feel confident that Mary is ready to take on additional responsibilities.
So now that we've got to identify this, you can continually update Mary's career path to create a true development plan. You know where where you saw she was just a novice in security fundamentals. Now she is showing to be proficient in all areas by completing that personalized plan
that we assigned to her,
You know, one that helps her sharpen and expand our skill set. Um,
but it may position her to become a tier one to a Tier two and later on a Tier three analyst
So now that we've kind of disgust on boarding and why it's so important, I do and the common pitfalls as well as our solution, I do want to open it up for some questions. I saw the chat going off a little bit. So Ryan would you mind sharing? Kind of what has come in so far that I can help Answer.
Absolutely. Chat was going off and we got some pretty awesome feedback from Chris Kemper. He said that he loved the webinar, so
shut off. Thank you for that one. Shout out Chris s 01 of the first questions that came in Sauron. How can I measure nuclear success with library for teams?
So we're able to do this in a number of different ways. Um, our member and admin dashboards enable you to measure learning hours completed assignments,
progress made against assigned career pass and growth with pre and post skill assessments, as we just saw. You know, also, if industry certifications are important, you can track their progress through our certification prep courses as well as the scores of their practice exams.
Eso you know, when they're ready to pass the exam,
You know, we give you a variety of options to provide the flexibility as your needs may change over time.
Awesome. Question number two.
Would I be ableto leverage assessments in the hiring process to confirm a candidate skills?
Yeah, so yes. Quick answer is yes. Sai Buri for teams. You know, you're gonna have the ability to assign and review assessments as part of your organization's hiring process.
Awesome. Question number three. Can I manage and monitor the development of new hires on different teams?
Yeah. So you're gonna have the flexibility to assign learning as well as monitor development across your teams. Right? You can also provide individuals with control over Onley their team. So those permissions air totally customizable by you and your organization.
Okay. Question number four. Would I also be able to create my own paths?
Yeah. So Cyber Aires career past are totally customizable. As we saw a glimpse in that interactive walk through, um, you can tailor your specific needs or work with your dedicated customer success manager to build past with,
um with Onley the content relevant to your team and aligned to your K essays or knowledge, skills and abilities.
Sauron, question Number five is probably my most favorite. That's come in so far off the on boarding issues that you covered. What have you found to be the most common?
So I'd have to say there there are a couple. I would say the two most common issues we see are the lack of a structured and consistent on boarding process. And then I'd say the inability to measure or confirm new, higher skills. That was a good question, wasn't it?
That was. They all have been fantastic so far, though One last one for you.
How quickly can Cyberia help get my new team members operationally ready?
Yeah. So earlier, I cited the fact that it typically takes about eight months for a newly hired employees to reach full productivity.
But our curated career paths are very comprehensive. Um, for example, the sock analyst career path that we took a look at can take about three months to complete. Well, every individual is different.
You know, we believe that leveraging cyber eri to create an on boarding process will help decrease the time to operational readiness.
Um, at your organization.
Amazing. Amazing. So I want to go ahead and thank everyone for attending our webinar today. And as a token of our appreciation, we're pleased to extend you two very special offers.
First, you can unlock free early access to Cyberia for teams today by requesting an interactive walk through at www dot cyberia dot i t slash business. Get a more in depth look into how you can help solve your specific problems and give your team the opportunity to try. Of course,
work in a lab.
Take your practice test and get their thoughts again. To get your free early access. Simply go to www dot cyberia dot i t slash business and complete the request to demo form. A cyber representative will then be reaching out to you to help get you started right away. But that's not all.
For the first time ever, we're also giving you one month for free
with your purchase of Sai Buri for teams. So now is the time to act.
Cyber is ready to help optimize your on boarding process to drive new higher productivity.
So if you were interested in learning more about that Sai Buri for teams, let us know by responding to one final poll question.
Chris Kemper, this is for you. But please go ahead and select. Yes, and we'll be reaching out to you shortly to get that set up
again. Please select. Yes. If you'd like a cyber a representative to reach out to you
to get an early access in an in depth walk through set up for you guys.
If you have any other questions or Sorin, please feel free to reach out to him and connect with them directly.
We have included is linked in and his email address.
Thanks again. And we hope to see you on all future Webinars. Please enjoy the rest of your day and happy holidays.